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Tampa Escapes Heat-Glare-UV Rays

Huper Optik Technology Revolutionizes Window Tinting Tampa!

At one time, home and business owners who wanted to improve the energy efficiency of their windows were limited to dark, reflective films.

Huper Optik has changed that!

Huper Einstein

No Other Competitive Window Film Coating Offers this Much Performance or Optical Clarity:

  • Up to 70% solar energy rejection entering your home or business
  • Over 99% of Ultra Violet ray reduction
  • Lifespan of interior possessions are extended with fade protection
  • Reduces Infra Red heat from entering your home by up to 96%
  • Enhances the comfort or your home by reducing glare significantly
  • Reduces the consumption of energy and the cooling load of your air conditioner

All These Benefits with Superb Durability

  • Huper Optik Ceramic Window Films are 100% free of Dyes and metals
  • No discoloration or demetalization
  • Provide CRYSTAL CLEAR visibility
Jeremy and panoramic windows


“Ready to apply Huper Drei Ceramic Select Series”

Jeremy installing Huper
Bottom panes not filmed yet….see the Huper difference!

Due to their absence of reflectivity, Huper Optik films are ideal for deed restricted homes and buildings where clear visibility necessary. This magnificent coastal residence needed film to satisfy this need, as well as a film with energy efficiency performance.  Selecting Drei from the Select Film Series was a STUNNING success!

We also install Huper Optik window films on retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, hotels, medical centers, etc. Virtually any structure where views are critically important!

Call for a complimentary evaluation today!

   View samples of these revolutionary films on YOUR windows! 

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Tampa Offices With Less Sun Glare Offer Better Working Environment

Open Views in Tampa Office Buildings Preserve Natural Light

1541GulfPowerB420 Window film prevented heat and glare in this beautiful office.

Such was the case with our film installation for an office building in West Chase. The sun glare was so intense that their office staff couldn’t see the computer screens. They needed a solution since their work production was being compromised.

After reviewing our ceramic window films and considering results from window tinting Tampa for 15  years,  the decision was unanimous.

Huper banner 2
Huper Optik Ceramic Series contains no dyes or metals that would otherwise cause reflectivity. Huper Optik also offers:

  • 70% glare reduction
  • Nearly 80% heat reduction
  • 99.9% rejection of UV rays
  • Fragment mitigation in case of accidental glass breakage
West Chase Office 1 Huper

West Chase Office 2 Huper









Hüper Optik delivered excellent solar control performance, high clarity to see outside and low reflectivity. With its extraordinary heat rejection and ability to reduce the sun’s glare, the West Chase office staff was delighted. Business was back to peek performance with a greater degree of comfort for all.

Does your office or retail store have the same problems as the West Chase office?

Then Huper is the solution for YOU!

Call for your free complimentary consultation where you can experience the Huper difference with samples on your glass!

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Veterans Cool Off With Window Film

VA Hospital Chooses High Impact Glass Solutions Vista Window Tinting

High Impact Glass Solutions has earned a highly respectable reputation for giving buildings solar protection and energy savings. Our recognition for films and installations go far beyond window tinting Tampa.

va hospital

I mobilized my team of installers and initiated our plan of attack after a full inspection of every window. Based on our experience using Vista’s films on many high profile projects in the Tampa and Orlando areas, selecting V28 was a no brainer.  During the project, we met men and women who made unbelievable sacrifces to make our lives better. What an honor for us to improve the environment at the VA Hospital in Big Spring, Texas where many of these heroes spend much of their time.

Vista To The Rescue!

VA hospital 4


Veterans Hospital 1



Va hospital 6









The Hospital was in dire need of a solution to enhance their energy efficiency-savings-and aesthetic appeal. Vista 28 was the perfect film to fulfill their needs.


It was definitely unique seeing windmills in place of palm trees for a month.  Not at all like window tinting Tampa but the successful installation for the VA Hospital made our trip worth any inconveniences.

Whether you’re building is located in the Tampa Bay area or out of state, we’re prepared to go wherever an improved solar performance is needed.

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Window Tinting Tampa Lowers Energy Costs

Tampa Bays’ #1 Vista-EnerLogic Window Film Dealer

home with high windows and elaborate drapes full size

As a top performer in the window film industry, Vista continues to unlock lasting beauty and comfort  for property owners, and is often the film of choice when window tinting Tampa.



Windows typically account for 25 percent of annual heating and cooling costs, but can be responsible for as much as 40 percent. There is no better option for making your windows more energy efficient than to have an EnerLogic  film installation.  With EnerLogic low-e window film, heat from the summer sun is reflected away from windows, easing the stress on air conditioners. In winter, radiant heat from a home’s heating system is directed back into the room, decreasing energy use, improving comfort and reducing energy bills during all seasons. Through unprecedented technology, EnerLogic films save energy and money for property owners ALL year round. We know first hand exactly the impact EnerLogic has on window tinting Tampa!


Film Applied - Rear Shot of Home Facing Sun
EnerLogic was the ideal film to prevent blasting sun from heating up the rear section of this water-front home

Filmed EnerLogic glass prevents 93% of the heat from escaping into thin air.

  • Delivers up to 92% more insulating power
  • Heat rejection during hot months is nearly 70%
  • Dangerous UV rays practically eliminated (99.9%)
  • Sun glare reduced by 65%
  • Electric costs lowered whether a/c unit or heating system is running
  • Offers the only leading low-e performance film with a virtually invisible appearance
  • Adds up to 92% more insulating power to windows

You probably never heard of a window film that can make single pane window perform like a dual pane window.

enerlogic logo

                        WELL, NOW YOU HAVE!

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Energy Saving Window Tinting Tampa

Searching for a Solution to Save Energy?Look No Further than Your Windows!


Our energy saving window films transform your
windows from being heat producers to heat reducers!

    * decrease heat streaming through glass
    * lower cooling costs
    * protect furnishings from UV fade
    * shield skin from the sun’s harmful rays
    * enjoy a cooler environment
    * keep views unblocked and crystal clear

Folks who live in deed restricted communities are no longer excluded from energy saving film applications. As the most recommended Huper Optik dealer in the Tampa Bay Area, we offer the only 100% optically clear film that is free of dyes and metals, engineered with advanced multi-layered ceramic coatings with no reflectivity or demetalization.

Awesome news for window tinting Tampa!

This majestic water-front home was a target for the sun. Installing Huper Optik  film gave it state-of-the-art  crystal clear solar protection!

We specialize in catering to residential owners who want more than just saving energy dollars. Our films set their homes apart from the community with added elegance and an extra touch of distinction.

Why not make YOUR home one of them!

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