Window Film Protection for Your Home

Florida’s coastline harbors some of the most beautiful homes adorned with stunning custom windows. These beautiful windows are designed to allow natural light to enter and fill the massive interior.

But…this sonario also causes these homes to become vulnerable targets for the unfavorable dynamics of extensive sun exposure.  Lack of energy efficiency, too much heat, fading, glare interference, and loss of privacy are commonly expressed concerns. 

Our LLumar solar window films remove the problems… and keep the priceless views!

Untreated Windows  are Prime Targets for the Sun’s Wrath!
Filmed Windows – the “Clear” Solution for the Sun’s Adverse Effects!

High Impact Glass Solutions has a selection of cost-effective films to improve the climate and energy efficiency of your home! 

Home owners can expect long-lasting results with our film installations:

  • Solar-reducing properties lower % of heat coming through glass
  • Heat reduction increases level of comfort
  • Spend less money on cooling costs
  • 99% UV rejection prevents fading of furniture, carpets,  artwork, hardwood and prized possessions
  • Improves TV viewing and working on monitors with 94% less glare

Tinting the windows and glass sliders in your home is a  wise investment. The benefits of filmed glass are  enormous whether you are seeking glass enhancement, home energy savings, adding privacy, reducing UV rays and glare…….or all of the above!

We offer free estimates and complimentary demos of how our films will look and perform on your glass!

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