Ulele is a one-of-a-kind restaurant presented in an exquisite renovated historic building at Tampa’s Riverwalk. With a menu replete with culinary selections and an outrageous atmosphere, Ulele was deliciously picture perfect….with one exception.

The performance of old outdated film on the windows and doors had begun to fail badly. Heat and glare were pouring inside the restaurant.

It was not unusual to see customers wearing sunglasses! 


To restore the luster and inviting ambiance that was so reticent of the Ulele dining experience, we replaced the old film with our newest solar control film.

The newer technology film made a profound difference:

  • Low exterior reflectivity made zero impact on the exterior glass
  • Natural light passed through windows with remarkable glare reduction
  • Sun -generated hot spots were eliminated enabling patrons and staff to enjoy comfortable consistent temperatures throughout the restaurant
  • Ulele’s building became more energy-efficient with lower electric bills


Mission accomplished!

We added today’s window film technology to Ulele’s glass and improved the look and comfort without compromising it’s historic appearance.

Whether it’s new construction or vintage built, architectural differences never effect the successful outcome of our window tinting Tampa buildings.

If it’s glass, we can film it!

Call for a free evaluation of your building’s glass. Our film specialists also include a complimentary demonstration of how our films will look and perform on your windows!

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