Increase Energy Efficiency and Restore Your Buildings Envelope With Caulking

Home sweet home….well, not always.

Many home owners are unaware that there residence is “under attack”. No, not by aliens! By structural cracks and gaps around windows responsible for a multitude of problems:

  • energy loss from inside
  • air and water intrusion
  • bug infestation….yes, BUGS!
  • increased humidity, dust and pollen
  • mold build-up effecting health of occupants
  • structural damage that devalues the worth of your home 

As in this customer’s  home, often times water intrusion is not discovered until furniture is moved.

And to think that this damage started with a hair-line crack…..

Once detected, even small cracks as found above, need proper caulking to stop the the growth of mold. As shown below, if this essential action is not taken, the results can be devastating.

Hair line cracks have been repaired and the integrity of the structure has been restored.

Besides eliminating air leaks that keep cold air in and hot air out, professional caulking and weatherization eliminates BUG infestation, and stops the degradation of your home’s structural envelope. Further more, caulking prevents mold growth which is a major hazard to the well-being of your family. 


After scraping away and cleaning the affected areas, we apply Dow Corning Silicone Structural Sealant and install new gaskets where needed. We remove what could potentially become a homeowner’s nightmare. 

Windows often need more than film to attain the best outside appeal with the most energy efficient environment inside. We are more than window tinting experts….our training and skills include top-notch professional caulking and weatherization. 

Our evaluations are thorough and always free!

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