Safer and Cooler Homes with High Impact Glass Solutions Window Film

Irma is gone but many homeowners in Florida are still feeling her wrath.

Power has not yet been restored, making many residences unbearably hot and unsafe. Without electricity, their security systems are useless.

Fortunately the owners of this home contacted us to install impact film on their windows before hurricane season started. Like all homes without power, a/c and lights are off… but filmed windows have given them a layer of protection from the heat as well as impact safety to their glass. 

Our solar films don’t “run on electricity” 🙂 Once applied on your windows, they reduce up to 85% of the heat and 99% of the sun’s glare all day, every day. Thicker versions of these films also provide security and impact resistance.

In any type of weather, even if your alarm systems are down, our films give your home 24/7 protection against intrusion and impact by strengthening your glass.

Irma was a “wake-up” call for Floridians!

Being more comfortable while protecting our family and property has taken on a new perspective:


Keeping cooler when the a/c is off…..


and avoiding glass breakage from brute force that could cause bodily harm to loved ones.



Considering that these are just two of the many advantages window film offers, it is no wonder that we are busier than ever keeping up with the demand for solar/security window film installations.

Call for a complimentary estimate and free demonstration of how our remarkable films will perform on your windows! 

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