Smart Tampa Homeowners Choose Window Tinting Vs. Buying New Windows

Tampa is steaming HOT

Stifling sun blasting through windows and sliders are causing consumers to seek solutions to the problem and compare the options .


Untreated annealed glass does NOTHING to eliminate the heat building up inside homes. Nor does it stop glare or ultraviolet rays from damaging furnishings and causing risk of skin cancer all while your monthly cooling costs are skyrocketing. 

Option one to resolve the problem:
Energy-efficient windows would be a great improvement. BUT…. replacement can be insanely expensive:

  • New vinyl windows for an average 2,400 sq. ft. house run approximately $15,000. OUCH!
  • For standard-size, double-hung, double-pane energy efficient windows, expect to pay between $450 and $600 per window.
  • The cost of wood replacement windows can have a whopping range between  $800 and $1,000  per installation.


Fortunately consumers don’t have to spend a shocking amount of money to find a solution!

Second option to resolve the problem:

Thin solar film applied on the interior of a home’s existing glass reflects significant solar energy resulting in a remarkable difference:

  • Less heat and solar radiation transmitted inside rooms.
  • With less heat build-up, air conditioners cycle on less.
  • Prevents 90% of sun glare from interfering with TV and computer viewing.
  • Stops 99% of UV ray penetration to prolong the luster of furnishing and protect occupants from risks of skin cancer.
  • Drapes can be left open with unhampered views in total comfort.

These massive windows with spectacular water views made a beautiful focal point in our client’s home but until they were filmed, they posed a multitude of problems.

Replacing these windows would have cost a fortune! Thankfully, now that they’re tinted with solar film, they  are totally energy-efficient and the drapes can be left comfortably open all year round! 

The second option was chosen! 

With our solar film installations window tinting Tampa homes, clients experience up to a 30% reduction in cooling costs. Their homes have increased thermal comfort, they’ve reclaimed watching TV’s and computer screens without glare, benefited from reduced fading on furnishings, and thankful for less risk of skin cancer from nearly 100% reduction of dangerous UV rays.

Transform your home from feeling like a sauna and stop draining your wallet with high energy bills every month without being held captive to paying  for expensive new windows.

Do the homework and compare for yourself!

Call for a free estimate and one of our window tinting specialists will demonstrate the remarkable benefits and energy-efficiency performance of our solar films on your glass.  

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