Window Film Keeps Florida Homes Cool in Summer

We’ve just entered spring and already afternoon temperatures are clear warnings that summer-time heat is quickly approaching. 

“Honey! Why isn’t the a/c cooling the house down? Ulch, we better come up with a plan before summer arrives”!!

Floridians know all too well that along with summer comes heat, humidity, glare, UV rays, and shocking electric bills!

High Impact Glass Solutions has been busier than ever window tinting Tampa homes with our Panorama solar window films to help prepare homeowners for what’s to come.

With Panorama solar window film on your windows, there is no need for window coverings to block the sun… or window fans to cool rooms down.

For personal aesthetics and if needed to satisfy HOA restrictions, our wide selection of colors allows home owners to choose from darker tint shades to an optical grade film so light, that its hardly visible on the windows. 

This sitting room faced west and was getting pounded with blistering heat and glare from the sun. With Panorama film applied on the right two glass sliders, the reduction of heat and absence of glare made a significant difference.


Besides making homes more comfortable and rejecting glare, the reduction of up to 70% of the solar heat entering through filmed windows lowers those outrageous energy bills. Plus, since Panorama solar films block 99% of the ultraviolet rays, furnishings in the home are protected from fading and more importantly, the chances of UV radiation skin cancer is greatly reduced.

The filmed window is easy to find in this room. Look at the difference!

We can’t change hot summer conditions outside.
But we can improve your home’s conditions inside!

Call for a complimentary evaluation and one of our specialists will also demonstrate how our films will look and perform on your windows. 

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