Rock Solid Solution Cools Off Sarasota Granite Company

Our sunny tropical weather is the main reason Florida is so attractive. Though sun, heat, glare and UV rays are welcomed at the beaches, they can disrupt the environment in our homes and businesses.

Large entrance windows madeThe Granite Place in Sarasota a bulls-eye target for these problems. 

Extreme sunlight entering through the windows caused unbearable interior conditions for The Granite Place team and their clientele. Their HVAC system made a valiant effort to be a champion but unfortunately running on overtime didn’t cool their building down and cooling costs were going up!

Not the ideal way to run a successful business. 

High Impact Glass Solutions is known for our ability to provide dynamic solutions to resolve these issues. Whether window tinting Tampa structures or called to install film in or outside the country, our skills and expertise are examples that teach peers in the industry how to tackle any window tinting challenges.

The Granite Place chose us because they wouldn’t settle for anyone but the best.

They selected tint from our wide range of ceramic films that effectively lowers heat transmission, glare, and UV rays.

The ceramic window film performed exactly as expected. The filmed windows reduced the sun and it’s related elements from entering. This improvement increased their building’s energy efficiency to lower those ghastly electric bills. The window film also enhanced the building’s exterior appearance which is always a plus for business growth.

Awesome! The Granite Place had a new inviting appearance and once inside, customers and the staff were able to conduct business in total comfort. No more hot sun rays to deal with, glare was no longer an issue, UV rays that could damage their inventory were blocked, and the energy efficiency of the building over time would actually pay for the film.

Installation complete and only “happy faces” could be found at The Granite Place!

We feel Florida’s tropical heat already. And it’s only April.

Time to consider your options!

Call fora complimentary estimate and one of our window film specialists will demonstrate how our films will look and perform on your glass!

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