Florida Commercial Businesses Safer With Security Window Film

Thieves are breaking into more gun stores and stealing more weapons than at any time since the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives began tracking burglaries and robberies five years ago. Jewelry stores, convenience stores, and retail shops are all seeing an alarming rise in vandalism as well. 

If your storefront and glass doors are unprotected, you are at risk!

Glass windows and doors are the weakest point of entry. Many store owners depend on alarm systems and motion lighting as their only two defense systems.  Both important to have but adding additional strength to your windows and doors is crucially important for maximum protection.  

Layered with special adhesives, our Security Window Films are applied to your glassed areas. Though these coatings are much thicker than films used primarily for heat, glare and UV ray reduction, they are undetectable by unwanted visitors. Perpetrators look for a quick “get in – get out” without having to make noise or be noticed. Glass fortified with Security Window Film deters breakage. Without quick entry through your windows, robbers have no choice but to move on and find a different target.

The performance of Security Window Film can be further increased by forming a bond between the film, the glass, and the window frame. This powerful increase is accomplished  with our wet glaze attachment system installed with Dow Corning #995 structural adhesive silicon. It is essential that qualified professionals with the proper skill set install a wet glaze attachment system.

High Impact Glass Solutions has attained recognition as attachment system specialists from film manufacturers, business peers in the industry, and from those who count the most – our customers!

Our expert installers are protecting  financial institutions, VA hospitals, historic museums and hundreds of retail outlets.  

The turbulent times we live in have heightened national concern to protect property, people, and assets.

Trust the most highly recommended window film company in the country to protect what is dear to you.

Call for a free estimate ~ being prepared is the first step for protection!

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