Window Film Reduces Heat and Glare Tampa Humane Society

Serious problems were effecting the Animal Health Center at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Doctors were having difficulty controlling the interior temperature and of all things, sun glare was causing them disrupting challenges while conducting  surgeries!

Totally unacceptable!

As window tinting Tampa‘s most reputable company for having premier selections of window films with a team of preeminent installers, our company was contracted to improve conditions at the health center.

With a sense of urgency and total confidence, we began installing Solar Gard Stainless Steel 15 to the exterior of the center’s windows and glass doors.

Our window film installation was a winner on all counts. It provided maximum heat rejection with up to 82% Total Solar Energy Rejected and eliminated the glare that plagued the surgeons. Solar Gard’s Stainless Steel 15 also lent a neutral grey tone that complimented the health clinic’s appearance without giving it a mirrored effect.

Surgeons certainly appreciated feeling comfortable and sure didn’t miss the glare in their eyes. We even got a round of “woof-woofs” from some of their patients. 

Whether it’s heat, sun-glare, high electric bills, or damaging UV rays that are effecting how you feel and how you work, window film is the antidote.

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