Tampa Sarasota Orlando Condos Love Heat Reducing Non-Reflective Ceramic Window Films

You find the condo of your dreams with sweeping water views.

It’s not even summer yet and already heat, glare and faded furnishings are becoming REAL problems. Who knew?

Friends advise you to have reflective window film installed on your windows but the condo association has imposed restrictions against film with reflectivity.

No worries….there’s an alternative plan.

For window tinting Tampa‘s waterfront residences, we offer a full selection of non-reflective ceramic films that stop the heat, glare, and UV damaging rays. You gain all  that you need to dramatically improve your situation without losing those breathtaking views!

Prior to our ceramic window film installation, the glare and heat in this condo were making living here unbearable. One last glass door not yet filmed illustrates the huge improvement and visual  difference. The ceramic filmed door eliminated the sun’s rays and glare while keeping the water views beautifully clear.

With its technology to block greater amounts of IR heat without changing the appearance of glass, Solar Gard Panorama Ceramic Film restored our customers’ love for their condo. And the condo association gave their stamp of approval as well.

Solar Gard’s Panorama Ceramic Films are dye and metal free. Their advanced technology makes them durable high-performance films with a lifetime warranty not to corrode no matter how close you are to coastal waterways. 

Call for a complimentary estimate and one of our specialists will also demonstrate how our window films will perform and look on YOUR glass.

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