Huper Optik Window Tinting Heat and High Energy Bill Solution

According to the US Department of Energy, 75% of unprotected glass is inefficient, allowing in a tremendous intrusion of heat. This has a negative effect on occupants who must endure heat discomfort with excessive glare. The demand on HVAC systems increases as well, resulting in escalating a/c bills.

Not good for business owners and not good for their clientele.

One of our recent window tinting Tampa projects was for Rx Chiro, an awesome chiropractic practice. With store front windows getting blasted with sun, the consequences inside the practice confirmed the DOE’s report. A need for less heat, less glare, and less $$ paid on monthly energy bills became the prescription for a healthier practice.

We assessed the situation and determined that Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic Window Film would be the best candidate to block the intense sun and heat without creating a very mirrored look. Dr. Lance wanted the best protection but without too much reflection.

We gave Rx Chiro’s windows exactly what the doctor ordered. 

With their Energy Star rated window films, Huper Optik offered outstanding heat rejection with low-reflectivity. The interior became cool, glare free, energy efficient, and the windows had the aesthetic appeal  that Rx Chiro was hoping for.  

Made without any dyes or metals, Huper Optik’s window film delivered a crisp beautiful exterior appearance, as well as other benefits to make it the perfect window film choice:

  • Nearly 80% heat reduction for comfort and lower a/c bills. 
  • 99.9% rejection of UV rays and reduced glare.
  • Fragment mitigation in case of accidental glass breakage.


We have over 15 years of experience bringing a myriad of solutions to business owners with our window film installations. 

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