Window Tinting Challenges Don’t Bar Us From Perfect Installations

We were contacted to install window film on the windows of an enclosed garage that housed very high-end automobiles. Due to the immense dollar value of the inventory, security and privacy were highest priorities. Without the ability to open windows or doors, there was also a need for a reduction in heat build up. Off we went with our window film samples to meet with the owners. Another project to look forward to. Nothing different. Right?

WRONG! This installation was going to be VERY different!

Each window was behind old, corroding lead bars that were not removable. I can only compare them to what I’ve seen in prison pictures! Every bar had to be covered with a liner and tape so that none of the rust or corrosion could get on the film. This in itself would be time consuming and tedious, not to mention how we would manage installing the film on windows with stationary bars. With such a high degree of difficulty, most window film installers would sum this up as a total nightmare and walk away…. quickly. 

The project definitely presented challenges and daunting ones at that. But instead of surrender, we were intrigued.

Nothing would “bar” us from a successful installation! 

As you will see in the video we’ve posted, we devised a “peel board” to prep and cut the window film prior to installing each sheet. We then methodically slid the film behind the bars, splicing where needed for an accurate fit. Now back to the peel board for finishing touches. When each panel was ready for the final stage of installation, the glass got another round of water sprays. As with any film installation, the area to be tinted needed a wash and thorough  wipe down, including “the metal bars”. Finally, the film had it’s final slide. Now the finishing touches. Last step….remove the tape and covering from the bars and whisk out more paper towels for yet another wash and cleaning.

Whew! Time to slide the film in again, making sure that each panel was perfect. THEN ….. .we  unwrapped the metal bars, wiped them down, and you got it! Time to start the process over… and over… and over again… until at last, we were looking at a perfectly completed installation.

Due to the nature of the auto-garage, location and pictures were not allowed. However, this video illustrates how the the peel board was a game-saver throughout the very tedious process.

This was certainly one of our toughest challenges window tinting Tampa buildings. But as we do with all challenges incurred, we overcome them!

No one is “barred” from our complimentary evaluation where we demonstrate the performance of our films on your windows. And if you think your glass will be too difficult to film, you’re probably right.

But it’s okay because no matter what, we’ve got you covered.

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