Wet Glazing Specialists Reduce Risk of Window Breakage

The best solution for improving the envelope of a large commercial building depends on many factors.  But experience and skill carry the most weight for advantageous results.

Though window film in itself can be effective in keeping glass fragments together, under certain extreme conditions, a more intensive step is taken to prevent glass from being separated from its frame. 

This highly effective step or additional process is called “wet glazing“.

We we are wet glazing specialists.

We ensure that the film is vigorously attached to the window frame offering the highest degree of protection against fragmentation of glass from entering a building. Traditionally we use a powerful industrial sealant, such as Dow Corning #995. This adhesive is specifically formulated to exhibit excellent adhesion for silicone structural glazing purposes.

In order for wet glazing to perform at its highest potential, the installation must be done one way.

The right way!


A wet glaze system is often referred to as an “attachment system”. Makes perfect sense  since the bond of strength is attained from attaching the film, window, and frame contiguously. In larger buildings where there are walls of glass, this bond is essential for optimal security and glass safety.

Wet glazing is much like an art and we didn’t perfect  it overnight. But as a painter knows each stroke of his brush, experience has acquainted us with the architectural differences in every window.  With outstanding results, our Wet glazing projects bring us a rewarding sense of pride… along with new challenges. 

Devised a technique for wet glazing perfectly at night! 

And we love both!

Wet glazing on a swing stage!

In every profession there are people who simply show up robotically for work, do what’s expected, and then call it a day. In that same profession, there’ll be one or perhaps a few that arrive bubbling with enthusiasm because their desire is to always learn more, get better at their job, and never accept mediocrity. 

This is how we go about window tinting Tampa and why we morphed into wet glaze attachment system specialists. We love what we do….  and so do our customers!

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