No More Squaking With Expert Film and Caulking

Windows were meant to allow light in and keep exterior nuisances out. In the real world, windows often fall short of their intended use.

Sure, they let light in and outside views are great, but as all of our customers complain, they also allow heat, glare, and ultraviolet rays to enter. One of our most recent customers added noise and dirt to the list. Yes, dirt!

Our initial evaluation did indeed find that his windows not only needed window tinting for comfort and safety, but there were visibly noticeable problems attributing to his additional complaints.

Tinting his windows reduced heat, uv rays and annoying glare, and with no more need for window coverings, he had unobstructed clear views to the outside world. Huge improvement for sure!

But irregardless of the benefits from filmed windows, the air gaps around his windows frames were allowing inside cool air to escape and warm air to sneak in. Erosion over time took its toll and as you can clearly see, debris and even insect growth was festering around and through.

After scraping away and cleaning the affected areas, we applied Dow Corning Silicone Structural Sealant, and installed new gaskets where needed. 

This is not an isolated case. We find window systems with debilitated conditions like this and worse in many homes and businesses while window tinting Tampa.

Another happy customer makes our day. All  looked great, all felt great, and even the noise from outside was a bit improved.

Windows  often need more than film to attain the best outside appeal and offer the most energy efficient environment inside. We are more than window tinting experts….our expertise includes glass maintenance as well.

If problems are related to glass, there’s no situation that we can’t improve with excellent results!   

Call for your complimentary energy evaluation and free demonstration of how our window tinting will perform on your glass!

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