Smash-n-Grab Prevention With Safety & Security Film Tampa Retailers

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is quickly approaching. 


Shoppers will be seeing more holiday store displays as retailers prepare for a season in which forecasters predict consumer spending could rise a healthy 4 percent.

Its also the season for smash and grab vandals who wait all year for such a time as this!

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Once hit, repercussions can be devastating for retailers. Stolen inventory, a store covered with broken glass, filling out police reports, dealing with insurance companies, and worst of all….disruption to business during the height of shopping season. 


We have been window tinting Tampa retail establishments since 2003, providing solutions to prevent costly and destructive vandalism. 


Protection must start first with PREVENTION.

Our Safety and Security films  PREVENT  forced entry altogether!

Performing as invisible shields of protection, a burglars’ plans to break through your glass are simply foiled.

Our films are a “bummer” to smash and grab thieves but they are valuable gifts for store owners:

  • Safety and Security window films can help the performance of ordinary glass by holding glass together under extreme stress.
  • Safety and Security window films offer a variety of shades, from clear to darker tints.
  • Besides providing powerful protection, Safety and Security window film is extremely energy efficient offering heat, glare, and UV rejection.
  • There are various thicknesses to choose from, typically 4 mil and 8 mil is used for our residential and commercial applications.

The performance of Safety and Security window film can be increased by forming a bond between the film, the glass, and the window frame. This extra strength is accomplished  with our wet glaze attachment system installed with Dow Corning #995 structural adhesive silicon. It is essential that qualified professionals with the proper skill set install a wet glaze attachment system.

High Impact Glass Solutions has attained recognition as attachment system specialists from film manufacturers, business peers in the industry, and from those who count the most – our customers!

Call for our complimentary evaluation and free film demonstration on your store’s windows.

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