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The dictionary defines the word “protection” as the act of keeping from harm, attack or injury.

Webster must have had our safety and security window film in mind….


What happens when you drop a glass object? More than likely it shatters and often into a zillion pieces.

Caution – danger zone!

On a broader spectrum, broken glass windows and doors can splinter into razor sharp shards of glass capable of causing major damage and life-threatening injuries. Any home or business with ordinary glass is highly vulnerable to theses dangers when brute force is used. Which brings me back to our safety and security window film.

Simple Protection with Powerful Results:
We offer films that give your glassed areas the industry’s toughest and most durable layer of protection. With an increase of home invasions and retail stores being broken into, you can out-wit the vandals with our safety and security film applied on your windows.


Plain glass without film is easily breached. It takes a burglar less than three minutes to gain access into your space. By the time an alarm company alerts the police and they actually arrive, the burglar has successfully executed his plan…. and is long gone.

Filmed glass deters, delays, even denies a burglar’s entry altogether!

Forming a strong but virtually invisible shield that holds broken glass together, you can make your windows the solution instead of the the problem for outwitting vandals! Window tinting Tampa customers have called with amazing testimonies of how their filmed glass diverted catastrophic events. 

Sure glad that I have film on my bedroom window!

As Webster so correctly expressed, act to keep your property and loved ones from harm, attack or injury.
This is the protection that our safety and security films offer!

Call for a complimentary evaluation and a free film demonstration of protection on your glass. 

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