Dual Reflective Window Film For Less Heat and More Views

Enclosed screened porches are often referred to as sun rooms. They serve as casual living areas or they can be used for more formal gatherings.

florida-room-1    florida-room-2

Either way, in Florida we call them Florida rooms.

That makes sense!

Away from pesky bugs and protected from rain, Florida rooms are great areas where families can relax and entertain all year. But because the sun LOVES these rooms, they can also end up being a “nightmarish” addition to homes and condos.

We were called by a gal with an expansive Florida room. Visions of enjoying sunsets while relaxing in the privacy of her Florida room were dashed by glare and overwhelming heat. She tried shades but they only blocked her views and did little to stop the sun’s heat from penetrating through.

After window tinting Tampa homes and commercial buildings for nearly two decades, we’ve mastered filming glass in ANY area. Confident with our ability and pleased with the recommended film, our customer felt very comfortable putting her Florida room into our hands…. literally.


We removed the shades and prepped the glass for our film installation that would deliver a dramatic difference.

We were about to  make her sunset visions become a reality!


Our Dual reflective films provided a high degree of reflectivity on the exterior for blocking the sun’s intense rays and glare, and added privacy. The interior layers of the film which are less reflective gave our customer the best visual clarity when looking out. Her filmed windows were able to reduce up to 79% of the radiant heat, reject 99.9% of damaging UV rays,  and eliminated the glare that interfered with those missed sunset views. 


Finally, this Florida room was ready to be used for the purpose it was initially intended.

Our FREE personalized evaluation and film demonstration effectively define our professional approach and illustrate  how our films transform your glass into the solution instead of the problem.

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