Residential Comfort and Protection With Safety & Security Window Film

We gave this uniquely built home lifetime solutions for its many sun-related problems.

High Impact Glass Solutions install 8 mil window film and wet glaze attachment system on residence with guest house

Built with a contrasting angular design for an ultra customized look, the home and its guest house were extremely impressive. The varying angles with windows facing every direction throughout both residences eliminated escape routes from the sun’s heat and glare. Towering over the pool area and adjacent canal, this gem of a residence was inundated with sun-related problems, rising energy costs, and safety concerns for occupants.

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We evaluated every angle of glass, literally.  An installation with 8 mil  safety & security film with high solar performance was about to bring about HUGE changes. For maxing out the safety factor, we followed up with a wet glaze attachment system.

High Impact Glass Solutions installs 8 mil window film and wet glaze attachment system on residential windows

8 mil Safety and Security Window Film Offers Exceptional Solar Control and  Much More:

  • Total Solar Energy rejection of 57% balanced indoor temperatures for a much cooler environment.
  • Cooler interiors reduced load on a/c systems, lowering monthly energy bills.
  • Eye-strain was minimized with a 50% reduction of glare.
  • 99% of UV ray blockage reduced risks for skin cancer and substantially reduce fading to their wood floors and furniture.
  • Ineffective shades and blinds were removed allowing natural light in… and beautiful views out

8 mil Safety and Security Window Film Keeps People and Premises More Secure

  • Holds glass in place should windows be shattered
  • Film transforms glass windows and glass doors into shields of protection
  • Reduces damage or injury from lethal shards of flying glass
  • Solid and proven deterrent against thieves who rely on quick access by breaking into homes through windows

We are Attachment System Specialists!
When combined with safety and security window film, a Wet Glaze Attachment System, sometimes referred to as an anchoring system, gives filmed windows the highest level of strength. Traditionally, Dow Corning #995 Adhesive Structural Sealant is applied to connect the glass and the film to the window frame. The Wet Glaze Attachment System is what gives safety and security film a rock-solid peak performance.

Make no mistake….because we sure don’t!

An attachment system’s performance is only as good as the contractor who is installing it. Our recognition as “attachment system specialists” was built on years of  honing our skills while window tinting Tampa homes and commercial buildings. Our highly acclaimed reputation has prompted window film companies from all parts of the United States…  as well as overseas, to rely on us to perform attachment systems for their customers.

Our window film installation and Wet Glaze Attachment System brought comfort, safety, and energy efficiency to this family. That’s what we’re all about!

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