Sun and Heat Really Hate Glass Block Tinting

Glass Block is Beautiful. BUT….

Hot Bathroom before Glass Block is Tinted

Another day, another call, another frustrated homeowner. “We love our glass block but it makes areas of our home unbearably HOT!”

Certainly not an uncommon problem that we hear at Glass Block Tinting. We agree that the beauty of architectural glass is undeniable but unfortunately, it allows the transmission of heat, sun glare, and UV rays to filter through….causing so much discomfort that often times occupants refrain from entering rooms altogether.

This bathroom in a L.A. residence with 386 glass blocks was a bulls eye target for excessive heat and glare. Desperate for relief, the owner was looking for a solution without having to cover the blocks with drapes, shades, or blinds.

Our exterior Glass Block Tinting application transformed all 386 blocks into protective shields from harmful UV rays and blocked up to 83% of the solar heat that was blasting through. Without compromising the beauty of the glass blocks or impeding the ambiance of natural light,  we resolved the heat problem and delivered on our promise. The bathroom was remarkably cooler and safer….and our client couldn’t be more pleased!

LA install partially completed
Our exterior film application reflected the sun’s destructive rays off the glass. The blocks on the very right of the picture were not yet filmed and still vulnerable to the original problems. Block by block, as the installation moved forward, the temperature and glare in the bathroom was reduced.

After completion of the installation, the tinting crew left with a feeling of great accomplishment. And the family was finally able to fully enjoy their master bathroom. In fact, the tinting added a unique aesthetic distinction to this already spectacular home.

 LA iHome with finished glass block tinting installation

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