Orlando Commercial Business Slashes Heat and Energy Costs With Window Film

 Old Inferior Film Just Wasn’t Cutting It!








Tubelight in Orlando needed us to remove old failing window tint and were counting on us to know exactly which film would reduce the intense heat causing extreme discomfort for their occupants. The project commenced with film removal followed by a Huper Optik Silver 18 installation.

The results exceeded what Tubelite hoped for and lived up to exactly what we expected – amazing!


It was easily visible to see the streaking old film on the far left glass panels. Notice the drastically improved appearance with the Huper Optic ceramic film applied on the adjacent windows to the right.

Besides a MUCH improved aesthetic appearance, Huper Optik Ceramic Silver 18 effectively rejected the stifling heat and more:

  • The exterior reflectivity stopped the sun’s glare from entering the through the windows.
  • The heat factor was drastically reduced by 80% which Tubelite thought was definitely “cool”!
  • Monthly utility bills were no longer opened with gasps of “I can’t believe how much this is”!
  • The mirrored exterior offered much appreciated privacy.

With the old film gone and the install under way, Tubelite transformed from a sauna to a stunning, comfortable, energy-efficiently run business.


After years of window tinting Tampa and it’s neighboring counties, as well as Orlando and Sarasota, our crews have delighted business owners with the most affordable, effective solutions to heat, glare, and high electric bills.

S0… why sweat it?

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