Window Film Lowers Energy Costs For Commercial Sector-Tampa-Orlando

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Recognized Eastman Chemical Company With High Honors in 2014



EnerLogic Low-E Film offers the most advanced and exciting breakthrough technology for superior energy management


       Revolutionary EnerLogic Window Film Benefits:

  • Keeps solar heat gain out during summer and radiant heat inside through colder months resulting in year round energy savings
  • Gives the insulating performance of dual-pane glass to single-pane glass…and triple-pane insulating performance to dual-pane glass
  • Utility bills and HVAC  run times are reduced throughout the entire year to bring about an energy cost savings of up to 15% annually
  • Allows more natural light transmission with minimal UV radiation, glare and solar heat gain
  • Outside views are no longer covered up with closed shades or blinds
  • Increased comfort for occupants results in higher productivity
  • A fraction of the cost compared to window replacement
  • A full return on investment may be expected in three years or less

Vista’s EnerLogic low-e glass insulation film is the #1 window film for facilities seeking the utmost energy conservation that also provides an improved building appearance.

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With EnerLogic film installations, our customers feel the extraordinary difference in the work place, appreciate the beauty of EnerLogic on their building’s exterior, and reap from the impact of Vista’s EnerLogic Film to their bottom line.

We also conduct free energy audits and complimentary demonstrations of how this dynamic window film will perform on your windows and achieve results you never thought possible!

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