Tampa Prepares For Summer Heat With Window Tinting

The North is Finally Seeing The Last  of Snow….They Hope!

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The caravan headed north is a heat alert to Floridians to prepare for the hot tropical weather that will soon be coming our way!

There is no respite from soaring heat when we have to run our cooling systems constantly. No doubt, sun blasting through windows can have undesirable results: an uncomfortably warm to hot environment, outrageous utility bills, and fading interior furnishings and skin cancer exposure due to UV rays.

What is the best solution?

Our Energy Saving Solar Window Films!

Look at the window panes we applied film on and compare them to the ones that have not been filmed yet.. Glaring difference!

Before 2 After film

High Impact Glass Solutions proudly represents the most reputable and advanced films in the industry:

  • Huper Optik USA offers high heat rejection with an incomparable clarity without a reflective look. If your home is required to meet HOA restrictions, Huper Optik’s non-reflective appearance make it your ideal film of choice
  • EnerLogic Low-e patent-pending technology is recommended for homeowners that want to add insulating power to their windows for energy savings all year round. EnerLogic is the perfect combination of German technology and performance resulting in the most energy efficient window film on the market.
  • Vista Window Films are a home run for energy savings, ranging in exuberant tints to subdued aesthetic appeal and provide an affordable option to window replacement.


Huper House 1


Confused with which film is right for your  home?


High Impact Glass Solutions knows that every house is unique and that our customers’ needs and budgets vary. Keeping this in mind, we eliminate any confusion with a complimentary evaluation and free demonstration with the film samples on your windows. Our trained, highly experienced staff  have “come to the rescue” window tinting Tampa since 2003.

Summer is on it’s way…..your coolest decision  is just a call away!

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