Heat-UV Glare Reducing Window Tint Tampa


    No need to go OUTSIDE to feel summer around the corner.


    Why not?


    Because Tampa homes and businesses are already hot INSIDE!


    High Impact Glass Solutions is Tampa Bay and the surrounding area’s leading provider for reducing heat, eliminating glare, blocking UV rays, and increasing energy efficiency. Our popularity among homeowners, business owners, and large building facility managers continues to grow.


    And why is that?

    Because High Impact Glass Solutions provides real solutions to real problems:

    • Rising electric costs
    • Excessive sun glare
    • UV fading to interior furnishings
    • Risk of skin cancer from UV rays streaming through untreated glass


                                      Freaked out by monthly electric bills?



    Lower your cooling costs by 50% with Vista Window Film.

    Sun glare will also be reduced nearly 80%.


    What are the benefits from less glare?

    • Furniture and floors will not fade
    • No squinting from glare on PC monitors and TV screens
    • Window shades and blinds can be kept open for views to be enjoyed


    Residential owners and commercial buildings share a common concern about rising energy costs.


    These home owners, retailers, and facility engineers made the smart choice.


    What makes them so smart?

    They hired High Impact Glass Solutions to make a profound difference in the performance of their glass. Choosing comfort, safety, energy savings and  open views without UV damage worry makes them not only smart….they’re also happy!

     And for consumers who are TECO customers, have we got news for you!

    TECO rewards their customers who have our qualifying film installed with a $2.00 per. sq. ft. rebate…and there is no cap.



                                                “We made the smart choice.”


    High Impact Glass Solutions