Heat Sun Glare Reducing Window Film Great Gift For Tampa

The Christmas Holidays are Here!

Humbug. Florida’s heat and sun glare are here too.


“If only Santa could keep UV glare away from my crib and nursery.”

With temps running above normal for this time of year, window tinting Tampa homes is experiencing record breaking requests for free energy audits. Residential and business owners pretty much share the same wish list:

  • Lower our energy costs
  • Cut down the sun glare
  • Help us to open our curtains and enjoy the views
  • Preserve our furnishings AND our health
  • Eliminate conspicuous hot and cold spots
  • Give our cooling system a much needed break

“Rudolph, get the phone number for High Impact Glass Solutions. WE NEED  THEM TO FILM THE WINDOWS IN OUR WORKSHOP”!

You don’t need to be Santa Claus to qualify for a free energy evaluation of your home or business. We gladly offer that to everyone with our complimentary demonstration of how our films will be a the best gift on your windows!

High Impact Glass Solutions