Tampa Bay Businesses Safer with Safety and Security Window Film


We Hear it on the Radio. We See it on the News. We even Watch it on YouTube.


         Smash_and_Grab can be deterred with safety and security film  

It takes a smash and grabber less than three minutes to break through glass. THREE MINUTES to take YOUR valuables…YOUR inventory… invade YOUR store that you’ve put YOUR hard work and investment into. And in a flash they’re out.  That’s right, by the time law enforcement arrives, the burglars are long gone. 


largest burglar breaking through glass smash and grab 5 crime scene 3

Be rest assured that there’s a solution. And no, you don’t need to hire a team of armed ex-Navy Seals to keep vigil around your property 24/7. 

High Impact Glass Solutions has the very same safety and security film that we are contracted to apply on governmental buildings and schools nation-wide. Keeps the Tampa commercial sector safe all year long.


10475970_518447078301248_7131019309330458989_o 10497096_518447074967915_370286584413244450_o

 Dr.  Mason took action to be safe!



  Veterans Hospital Texas 2 - Copy

High Impact Glass Solutions is honored to protect those who protect us!

Unlike other films on the market, we apply films that pass large missile impact tests. Our films also meet GSA and DoD Blast standards to fortify your glass against brute force. With our additional process known as a “wet seal anchoring system”,  a structural bond attaches the film, the glass, and the frame together. Total prevention is achieved that keeps glass from popping out of the frame.

Once deemed the most vulnerable entry for break-ins, your glass is now transformed into an invisible barrier that will deter, delay, and often times deny illegal entry altogether. At the very least, your filmed windows and glass doors ensure extra time for law enforcement to respond and apprehend the burglars.

Window film being installed at the Sumter U.S. National Guard Armory……




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Sun and Heat Really Hate Glass Block Tinting


Hot Bathroom before Glass Block is Tinted


Another day, another phone call….another frustrated homeowner. “We love our glass block but it makes areas of our home unbearably HOT!”

Certainly not an uncommon problem that we hear at Glass Block Tinting. We agree that the beauty of architectural glass is undeniable but unfortunately, it allows the transmission of heat, sun glare, and UV rays to filter through….causing so much discomfort that often times occupants refrain from entering rooms altogether.



This bathroom in a L.A. residence with 386 glass blocks was a bulls eye target for excessive heat and glare. Desperate for relief, the owner was looking for a solution without having to cover the blocks with drapes, shades, or blinds.

Our exterior Glass Block Tinting application transformed all 386 blocks into protective shields from harmful UV rays and blocked up to 83% of the solar heat that was blasting through. Without compromising the beauty of the glass blocks or impeding the ambiance of natural light,  we resolved the heat problem and delivered on our promise. The bathroom was remarkably cooler and safer….and our client couldn’t be more pleased!


LA install partially completed


By clicking on this picture you can see how the blocks with our exterior film application reflected the sun’s destructive rays off the glass. The blocks not yet filmed were still vulnerable to the original problems. Block by block, as the installation moved forward, the temperature and glare in the bathroom was reduced.



After completion of the installation, the tinting crew left with a feeling of great accomplishment. And the family was finally able to fully enjoy their master bathroom. In fact, the tinting added a unique aesthetic distinction to this already spectacular home.


L.A.  Home with glass block tinting    LA iHome with finished glass block tinting installation

                                                                Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Block Out Heat With Window Film And Open Envelope For Tampa Electric TECO Window Tinting Rebate


TECO Continues Energy Rebate Program Throughout 2014



Besides being the best window film on the planet, Huper Optik window films practically pay for themselves!

Clearly, you can see why Huper Optik is the #1 window film choice to add cool comfort with crystal clear views even in a salt water environment….


Okay….the film looks awesome! That’s quite obvious.

But what makes Huper so “super” and how does it almost pay for itself?

Huper Optik wins for many reasons:

  • Hands down the most dynamic selection of films for every situation
  • Ability to reject up to 80% of solar energy entering windows which dramatically reduces a/c load
  • Monthly electric bills are lowered by 30% or more while views remain pristine
  • 99.9% UV ultra-violet rejection protects occupants and furnishing from harmful radiation
  • Offers the only true nano-ceramic films that outperforms traditional films lacking Huper’s advanced German technology
  • With no reflectivity, Huper is acceptable in deed restricted communities
  • Huper Optik’s films are not made with the dyes or metals found in traditional films so there’s no degradation over time
 Sech before    Sech-left window not done - middle and right finished

The bay window on the left was untreated and the intensity of heat and eye-squinting glare was making it difficult, if not impossible for this room to be occupied during peak sun times of the day. We applied Huper Optik Sech on two of the three panels in this beautiful glass area and already the difference could be seen….and felt.


                               Huper Optik Banner coutesty of Smartfilms.ca  

Huper Optik’s patented nano-ceramic films offer unsurpassed durability without compromising views with the highest ratios of increased energy efficiency. This places them in a totally different class than traditional window films. As the #1 company window tinting Tampa, High Impact Glass Solutions has experienced such amazing results with our Huper Optik installations.

The only reflection you get from Huper Optik films is in your lower monthly energy costs. And our Huper Opik films also earn our clients a $2.00 per square foot TECO energy rebate on all windows we film that face east and west. Talk about a great return on one’s investment.  Between lower electric bills, prolonging the life of a/c systems, and being rewarded with handsome energy rebates, it is absolutely true that Huper Opik window films nearly pay for themselves over time.


Now you see why Huper is so “super” and saves you money!



                          HIGH IMPACT GLASS SOLUTIONS

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Call us for a complimentary demonstration of Huper Optik on your windows and experience the Huper Optik difference!


Window Tinting Heat Rejection Tampa Commercial Buildings


Advanced Window Film Technology Targets the Commercial Sector

Huper Optik buildings 2
Today’s architecture is designed for natural light and providing views to the outside. Though aesthetically pleasing, unwelcome heat, glare and harmful UV rays enter as well. According to the Us Dept. of Energy, 75% of all existing glass is inefficient, causing an overload on HVAC systems and negatively impacting a building’s energy budget. 


Serious problems for commercial buildings, no doubt….but not without a solution!


Huper Optik USA is a market leader in German engineered, multi-layered nano-ceramic solar control film technology, providing energy savings, comfort, and aesthetic appeal to answer the needs of the commercial sector!

Huper Optik’s remarkable portfolio of films deliver:

  • Superior increase in the performance of existing glass
  • High light transmission ratios for natural light without the presence of heat
  • Enhances level of interior comfort and reduces sun glare
  • Significant Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) which lowers cooling load of a/c consumption
  • High Ultra-Violet rejection exceeding 99%
  • Protects building occupants from the sun’s harmful Infra-Red radiation
  • Extends lifespan of interior furnishings with fade protection
  • 100% dye and metal free; no discoloration and demetallisation
  • High clarity, low reflectivity
  • 10/15 year product warranty coverage

Pretty amazing, huh!

Oh, not yet convinced about Huper Optik’s ability to dramatically improve the solar performance in your building?

Do your building and your budget a favor and first watch this short video!

And now do yourself a favor and watch this short but powerful video!


Huper image for commercial

Huper Optik is the leader in
energy & environmental design. It’s performance
effects your occupants.. and the bottom line of your energy

People in office building with EnerLogic

Give your building’s glass the competitive edge over conventional films and experience Huper Optik! In the 12 years that we’ve been window tinting Tampa, never have our commercial clients experienced such positive results!

Call today and join the growing number of companies that are integrating Huper Optik nano-ceramic window films into their energy reduction package!

Our evaluations are complimentary and include a free demonstration of how Huper Optik will perform on your windows. Our office stall will also assist you in receiving handsome energy rebates!


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Tampa and Orlando Gain Edge Over Heat And Glare


Tampa and Orlando’s Commercial Sector Become Greener And Save Money

According to the US Department of Energy 75% of all existing glass is inefficient. The DOE estimates that the amount of energy lost annually through windows is a whopping $35 billion! The average household spends $1500 – $2500 every year on energy bills and claims that 45 percent of this amount is for heating and cooling. Then how much more would commercial buildings be effected by energy loss through their immense tapestry of glass!


 Commercial building 3

Then how much more would commercial buildings be effected by energy loss through their immense tapestry of glass! 

throwing money out the window Okay, I made my point. Without the proper solution, LOTS of money is being literally thrown out of windows every day of the year! There is an obvious need for glass to be more energy efficient!  







  Huper banner 2 There is no other film in the window film industry that supports corporate green and energy efficiency goals.

Until Huper Optik low-e window film revolutionized the industry, commercial buildings used reflective films to reduce solar heat gain through windows. With less natural or visible light entering the buildings there was a need for more artificial lighting inside. Turning on switches to lighten large buildings was hardly the answer to lowering electric costs. Huper Optik’s advanced technology resolves this problem by preserving the connection between the work space inside and nature flowing from outside with its superb window film:

  • Significant Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) lowers a/c consumption
  • Huge reduction in solar gain through glass
  • High Ultra Violet rejection exceeding 99% offers fade protection for fixtures and furnishings
  • Protects occupants from the sun’s harmful Infra-Red radiation
  • Up to 96% Infra-Red heat reduction enhances interior comfort with less glare 

Huper Optid Googleplex,USE-California

Huper Optik is the world’s only true Multi-layered
Ceramic film which compliments today’s growing demands for using large architectural glass structure.

Solar Control Performance
     Optimal Clarity
     Low Reflectivity


High Impact Glass Solutions has been window tinting Tampa and the Orlando area for over a decade. We’ve found that Huper Optik does it all: reduces consumption, saves money, enhances aesthetics, and improves the overall environment for occupants. Processed without dyes and metal, there is never discoloration or demetallisation…and comes with a 10/15 year product warranty. Many of our commercial clients have received energy rebates as an additioanal “spiff” for taking steps to make their buildings greener and more energy efficient.

Call for our free in-depth evaluation of your building’s window systems and experience the Huper Optik difference!

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