It’s not unique for this unique Tampa gift shop to need heat reducing window film

Business owners in Tampa are all trying to beat the heat. Customers spend more time shopping in a comfortable environment and invariably sales go up when the heat comes down. Working in a “comfort zone” makes the sales staff happier campers as well. And understandably, business owners welcome reduced heat for budget reasons. With less heat, they wouldn’t have to “sweat” the Mount Everest electric bills.

Based on the surge of phone calls we’re getting, cooling down is not a unique situation for window tinting Tampa businesses, especially with this hotter than usual summer. We’re swamped with “heat” complaints from all  over the Tampa Bay area.

SHAPIRO’S  gallery in South Tampa, featuring contemporary fine American crafts was one of our recent projects. The heat and glare blazing through their windows were intense. SHAPIRO’S was about to experience a wonderful change!


We embarked on applying our dual-reflective  window film.


Besides the absence of glare with the reduction of sunlight streaming through the windows, the performance of our film resolved all of SHAPIRO’S gift gallery’s  issues:

  • 79% less solar energy for reduction in cooling costs… a special “gift” for Mr. Shapiro :-)
  • Fade reduction: blocking up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays protected the gorgeous array of crafts from fading
  • Comfort control with temperature consistency throughout the gallery.


Picture perfect….feeling perfect……performing perfect. Not at all unique for our selection of films to provide perfect results.

It just makes a whole lot of “cents” for retail  establishments to be as inviting and comfortable as possible. We would welcome the opportunity to visit your business and illustrate through a free demonstration how our films will perform on your windows!

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Dual-Reflective Solar Film Rejects Heat in St. Pete Distillery


Kozuba & Sons Distillery opened its doors recently to bring distinctive spirits to Midtown St. Pete. Being new to the area and not accustomed to our intense weather, much to their surprise, the sun and heat brought distinctive discomfort to their distillery.

Until they called us!

We are “film specialists” window tinting Tampa and St. Petersburg businesses.  Our company has prospered by helping other businesses prosper. Providing increased energy savings for owners and decreasing heat in their workplaces with our window film applications opens the doors, literally, to positive results.

Sun blasting through the distillery’s unprotected windows had adverse effects. For one, the heat created an undesirable environment for the family while working. The discomfort was also a deterrent for patrons to stop in and enjoy the tastings from their array of whiskey, bourbon and vodka…Mmmm, uniquely and specially made by Mr. Kozuba and his sons, all of which by the way, can be purchased from their attached retail store.

Undoubtedly, the distillery was a great addition to the Ware House Arts District in St. Petersburg.

Undoubtedly, our dual-reflective solar control film was a great addition to the distillery.

13719576_1249620335049034_3555320204016273247_o 13692933_1249620228382378_4619571212087022184_o

As the film installation progressed, the distillery became noticeably cooler and beads of sweat turned into sparkling (pardon the pun) smiles. The film’s  highly reflective outside layer provided high solar heat rejection. With a less reflective color layer on the inside, the windows still allowed natural light to flow through and views were not restricted.

Great craft distillery! Great results with our window film!


The Kazuba & Sons Distillery looks and feels as good as their hand-crafted spirits taste! CHEERS!

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Tampa Window Tinting Company Called to Train Tinters for Edge-Locking Security Film

My attention is naturally focused on the daily management of my  company’s projects.

 Veterans Hospital 1  Jeremy installing Huper
10475970_518447078301248_7131019309330458989_o     10497096_518447074967915_370286584413244450_o

However, reputations spread as quickly as grass grows in Florida. I’m actually quite honored that my competence is so well known to my peers in the industry. Its truly fulfilling when the phone rings with requests from other tinting companies wanting their installation crews to  learn my techniques.

I am most often asked to instruct window film installers how to master edge-locking their safety and security films with structural sealant for maximum performance. This application is often referred to as  bonding, edge-locking, or more appropriately,  a  “Wet Glaze Attachment System”.

Dow to use in blog

Here the film, the glass, and the frame is edge- locked with a structural sealant.


Executed correctly, this integration adds tremendous strength to the entire window system. However, since all windows are not equal, it takes experience and skill to recognize which additional steps are needed to achieve the best results.

When a Wet Glaze Attachment System is used in conjunction with safety and security film, windows become effective barriers to prevent glass-breakage during attempted vandalism and other conditions causing  brute force.  In the event of a glass breach, safety and security film that is edge-locked holds the shards of glass together, eliminating risk for serious and even fatal injuries.

little boy behind shattered glass

When you depend on film alone with out the appropriate bonding, beware! Protection will be greatly compromised as film alone doesn’t have the same level of strength and the windows can pop right out of the frame!

While window tinting Tampa and throughout Florida for over 15 years, my installers have become “champion” window film installers and are taught by me personally how to edge-lock any and every type of window system.

Because safety is a paramount objective in the window film industry, I am “all in” and totally committed to helping other companies become champions as well!

Jeremy Shapiro / Owner & Project Manager
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Less Heat More Cool Comfort Commercial Building Clearwater

The Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa was experiencing  “hot spots and glare” issues.


We have over 16 years of window tinting Tampa’s commercial and government building sector. Our initial energy audit is a crucial step in our evaluation to recommend the best film in any given building for comfort, safety, energy savings, tax savings, and insurance incentives.

The management at the Hyatt Regency continues to feel comfortable with our expertise. Likewise, we continue to deliver cost-saving strategies to restrain rising energy costs while keeping their employees and guests safe and comfortable.





This picture of a half tinted window says it all. We applied Panorama Ceramic CX35  film on the left panes. With less heat penetrating through the filmed glass, glare is noticeably reduced, and after windows were totally filmed, comfort was greatly increased.

Thanks to the performance of our ceramic window film,  all  “hot spots” are now located  in the Spa!


Our recommendation to apply Panorama Ceramic CX35  proved to be the ideal film choice.  Since only a partial area of the building’s side was being filmed, our goal was two-fold. One, install film with the ability to reject extreme heat and two, the film needed to be invisible for aesthetic appeal. Panorama Ceramic CX35 met both goals perfectly!

As with all of our window tinting installations, performance never disappoints. With solar heat and rays blocked, the Hyatt continues to see reduced cooling costs by up to 30% and temperature consistency from one area to another securing overall comfort. Additionally, our solar films block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. From this benefit, the Hyatt’s furnishings have a longer lifespan with less risk of fading.

Think about the “fade-resistant” performance for a minute.  Every one of us has some amount of furniture and we all walk on some type of flooring. Can you imagine the multitude of furnishings that goes into this beach resort with 250 guest suites, restaurants, conference rooms, spas, etc.? Prolonging the need to replace the furnishings alone dramatically effects their annual expenses.

Add to the sonario their additional energy savings and it becomes apparent why having the best window film on the Hyatt Regency’s glass is an essential strategy for a top-performing environment.

Increasing heat problems and rising costs to energy budgets are common problems shared throughout the commercial sector. Call for our complimentary evaluation and window film recommendation tailored to fit your building’s needs.

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Window Tinting Protects Beautiful Art, Furniture & Your Family

Fading, discoloration, and fabric damage to interior furnishings in homes are caused  by light, heat, and UV rays streaming though windows. 


Fading can be readily seen or in many cases the damage goes undetected until it becomes very obvious.

Blinds and curtains block views without stopping UV damage or heat. Wasted money!

Furthermore, valuable artwork is a bulls-eye target for the sun’s UV rays.  But the “fade factor” doesn’t end there. Even inside homes, skin is at risk of premature aging and skin cancer as destructive rays stream through windows.

As many home owners will agree, the sun is best experienced slathered with sun-block while relaxing poolside or at the beach!


Solar Gard Image from Jeremy without trees

Our exclusive line of Solar Gard’s Panorama solar control UV window film protects against sun damage adversely effecting your home’s interior and more importantly, your occupants.

When our film is applied onto the interior side of windows and glass, the bond of protection starts immediately. Tinting shades vary from warm, earthy tones, to darker more reflective shades, to nearly invisible. The aesthetic appeal varies to fit your personal preference. What doesn’t vary is the  performance:

  • Blocks more than 99% of UVA and UVB rays known to cause interiors to fade
  • Decreases risk of skin cancer – Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Reduces heat, visible glare and increases all around comfort
  • Saves you $$ on utility bills
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

We also offer safety and security films that hinder burglars from entering though glass and protect your family against injuries caused by accidental glass breakage.

Call and schedule a complimentary demonstration to “See the Panorama Difference” on your windows!

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