Window Film Protection for Your Home

Florida’s coastline harbors some of the most beautiful homes adorned with stunning custom windows. These beautiful windows are designed to allow natural light to enter and fill the massive interior.

But…this sonario also causes these homes to become vulnerable targets for the unfavorable dynamics of extensive sun exposure.  Lack of energy efficiency, too much heat, fading, glare interference, and loss of privacy are commonly expressed concerns. 

Our LLumar solar window films remove the problems… and keep the priceless views!

Untreated Windows  are Prime Targets for the Sun’s Wrath!
Filmed Windows – the “Clear” Solution for the Sun’s Adverse Effects!

High Impact Glass Solutions has a selection of cost-effective films to improve the climate and energy efficiency of your home! 

Home owners can expect long-lasting results with our film installations:

  • Solar-reducing properties lower % of heat coming through glass
  • Heat reduction increases level of comfort
  • Spend less money on cooling costs
  • 99% UV rejection prevents fading of furniture, carpets,  artwork, hardwood and prized possessions
  • Improves TV viewing and working on monitors with 94% less glare

Tinting the windows and glass sliders in your home is a  wise investment. The benefits of filmed glass are  enormous whether you are seeking glass enhancement, home energy savings, adding privacy, reducing UV rays and glare…….or all of the above!

We offer free estimates and complimentary demos of how our films will look and perform on your glass!

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St. Pete Drivers Say No to Paint and Yes to Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps Offer Car Owners and Business Owners Big Changes

How about the car you personally drive? Sure, you love it BUT… you’ve been dreaming of a new paint job. That dream could easily turn into a “nightmare”.

  • New paint can’t be changed.
  • Like it or not, live with it.
  • Paint jobs are costly and timely
  • New paint looks nice but adds no layer of protection
  • A less than perfect paint job puts you at risk of depreciating your car’s value

There’s a MUCH better option for making dreams come true!

When changing your vehicle’s appearance, nothing beats a vehicle color change wrap. 

  • Select ANY color imaginable
  • Unlike paint, wraps are not permanent
  • Remove wrap to restore original factory paint
  • Re-wrap when you have another dream
  • Wraps protect your car’s surface
  • Wraps last longer resulting in less $$ spent
  • Wraps add value as opposed to depreciation

Want more than just a color change?
Our graphic wrap designers can get as creative as you want. No look is to subtle or insane for them to achieve.

Wraps add whatever you can conger up. Colors, moods, expressions, graphics. If you can perceive it, get ready to receive it!

But wraps can add even more….

Are you ready for your business to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers? Then vehicle wraps are for you!




Large vinyl decals or graphics are placed directly over the original paint. Besides becoming the most affordable, effective way to attract eye-balls resulting in new business,  wraps add protection to your company vehicles. 

Change of ownership or name change?

No problem! Another benefit for having wraps as opposed to paint jobs is the ability to have wraps removed or switched out for another one without causing any damage to the original paint.

If you’re ready to fall in love with your car all over again….or increase brand awareness and generate new customers through thousands of impressions on the road each day, our designers are ready to knock your socks off!

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With Our Ceramic Coating You NEVER Have to Wax Again!

So You Just Bought a Brand New Gorgeous Car! 

Awesome! But can it look brand new forever?


Vigorous research and development formulated IGL Coatings with highly advanced compositions that when applied, revolutionizes your car’s appearance and repels surface degradation to keep your car looking new for years to come. 

More simply put, our IGL Ceramic Coatings create a luminous, glass-like gloss on the surface of your prized new car that lasts….and lasts. With IGL’s durability, waxing  is only needed once every four years. AND with its Hydrophobic technology, washing off contaminants and dirt is miraculously done with just a GARDEN HOSE!

No matter WHAT lands on your car’s surface, days of strenuous washing and waxing are OVER!

Besides the Hydrophobic benefit with remarkable water-resistance that makes maintenance so much easier, IGL Ceramic Coating offers distinct advantages for automobile owners who wish to prolong the look and value of their vehicles.

  • Forms a strong, lasting protective surface on the car to defend against scratches, marring, insects, acid rain, mud, dirt, etc.
  • Unlike traditional wax, ceramic coatings outlast years of exposure and still maintain the car’s original pristine condition.
  • Contaminants that normally adhere to the car’s surface are unable to stick and fall away or simply get hosed off.
  • One coating of IGL Ceramic Coating guarantees that you will never need another wax job – EVER!

 IGL diversity and Hyrdophobic action: 

To further blow your mind, IGL Coatings have the insane ability to protect your interior auto areas. Once applied, worries about spills, stains, grime build up, etc., are washed away as well:

When we say at High Impact Glass Solutions, “we cover your entire car”, we  mean it literally!

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Paint Protection Keeps Your Car Looking New

Whether you drive every day or just occasionally, your car’s paint is vulnerable to damage!

Exactly what kind of damage?

  • nicks
  • scratches
  • sand
  • salt
  • insects
  • abrasions
  • rock chips
  • road debris

Sadly,  once you leave the showroom or pay for a new paint job, it takes practically no time at all for such damage to occur.

But this doesn’t EVER have to happen to your car!

Platinum PPF

LLumar Paint Protection Film (PPF), also  known  as “Clear  Bra”, is the ultimate defense against ANYTHING the road  throws your way.

Enjoy the benefits of protection and preservation of your  paint while HydrogardTM tecnology forms a clear barrier on your car’s surface to repel water. LLumar’s Paint  Protection even offers amazing self-healing properties that enable the film to magically self-repair scratches solely by applying heat. Imagine – the sun’s heat alone makes surface damage disappear!

Paint Protection Packages

Choose whichever package fits your needs and budget. A partial application, full-hood application… or entire vehicle filmed for maximum paint protection.

No matter what package you select, this is what you can expect: 

  • Top-notch installers that have mastered the art of auto film applications.
  • Precision cut patterns using our computerized plotter or hand-cut by our talented craftsmen.
  • Installations done indoors in a climate controlled environment to avoid dust and debris that would impair a perfect install.
  • 10 year Warranty from the manufacturer.
LLumar Platinum Paint Protection transforms your car to looking new for years to come, preserves its value, adds Hydrophobic action for easier maintenance and improved visibility during downpours… AND… “self-heals” scratches and marring in the sun’s heat.


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Tampa Bay – St. Pete Cars Fall in Love with LLumar Paint Protection

Over time,  you’ve probably noticed the “aging process” taking a toll on your vehicle.  You know… the paint looks faded and has lost the shiny gloss that wowed you when  you first bought it.  All the time and money spent on car washes, waxing and detailing really haven’t kept the sheen that you hoped for. 

Well, what if there was a way to stop your car from looking aged.

There is …. and it happens right here!

At High Impact Glass Solutions, we retain your car’s luster with a LLumar Paint Protection application.  This durable,  yet invisible film added to your car’s surface eliminates  worrying about dings, dents, scratches, and any other damage caused from road debris.

Designed to be extremely hydrophobic, the film’s surface not only repels dirt and debris, but water as well!

The Results?

Protection for an amazing flawless, lustrous look guaranteed for years to come…. AND to further protect your car, the film’s clear coat finish self-heals when  scratched or marred.  Yes, you read this right.

Just leaving your car in the sun will activate the film to magically make surface damage disappear!

Additional benefits:

  • LLumar PPF offers customized packages to shield some or all of your car.
  • Each piece of film is custom cut to fit your car perfectly.
  • Covered by a 10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty.
No matter what you’re driving, the road can challenge your automotive paint. Every time you travel, risk of nicks, scratches, stains, etc, can negatively effect your vehicle’s finish.

Overcome the risk of road damage with LLumar Paint Protection Film and give your car what it deserves – hydrophobic action with self-healing capabilities and a stunning gloss finish guaranteed to last for years. 


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