Another Tampa Business Chooses Solar Gard Heat-Glare-Reducing Window Film

Windows are getting blasted with sun. You feel like you’re being cooked in an oven. Glare is so intense that even squinting your eyes doesn’t help. Can anyone relate?

The receptionist at Unifirst can. She actually had to wear    sunglasses all day. For real! With the large front entry’s glass panes facing south, she was a sitting duck.

One option for Unifirst was to have outrageously high-dollar coverings made to cut down on the glare. Beside the insane cost, they would be sacrificing the grandeur of the expansive view to the outside. Heat would still penetrate and a lot of electricity would be wasted to light up the now darkened lobby. Bummer.

They chose a much smarter solution!


Our crew installed Solar Gard True Vue 05 window film and wella! No more heat – no more UV radiation –  no more need to cover up views – and NO MORE SUNGLASSES!

Notice difference on the one glass door with film sample but not filmed yet… and this was on an overcast day. Imagine when the sun was at its brightest!

For intense heat and glare while window tinting Tampa residential and commercial glass,  we often resolve these problems with Solar Gard’s TrueVue product-line. With their dual-reflective technology, the window films are reflective on the outside to maximize heat rejection and neutral on the inside to maintain views. 

This advanced technology proffers remarkable results:

  • Reflective exterior maximizes heat rejection resulting in excellent energy savings and payback time.
  • Low interior reflectance maintains views to the outside, especially at night.
  • Contains our darkest product which can reduce glare by up to 94%.
  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays.
TrueVue 05 was the perfect film for Unifirst. Besides all these key benefits, it also provided them with the highest rating of 85 for Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSR). 

Very “cool”!

Unifirst didn’t procrastinate and prolong their undesirable environment. They eliminated it. 
Like so many of our customers, they wished they had called us sooner.
Make the smart choice like Unifirst did. Call us before the summer arrives with additional heat and sky-rocketing energy bills. Evaluations and demonstrations of how our window films will look and perform on your glass are free.

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Sensational Tampa Restaurant Orders Sensational Frost for Privacy & Appeal

Ulele is a one-of-a kind restaurant housed in a  renovated historic building at Tampa’s Riverwalk. With a menu replete with culinary selections and an outrageous atmosphere, Ulele was perfect….except for one problem.

The windows and glass doors around the lounge had old, outdated frosted film. With its old technology, over the years the film failed to perform and looked like a disaster. 

The glass lacked the luster that is so reticent of the entire Ulele experience. The owners wished to keep the privacy but the appearance was totally unacceptable.

Known for our ability to take on arduous film installations, Ulele contacted us.

We made our assessment and recommended an upgraded frosted film that would be more resilient, provide privacy, and definitely look a lot more attractive! 

Problem solved!

After removing the “failing disaster”, we started to apply the new frost. The picture on the left shows the left panel newly frosted and the right panel with no film. The frost we applied provided a crisp frosty look with the desired privacy.

Here the first of two doors were filmed and already the improvement was apparent!

As we continued to remove and replace, transformation
appeared in the lounge area. Blending perfectly with the awesome appeal at Ulele, the owners and staff 
all fell in love with the remarkable difference that our film application made.


Besides privacy and aesthetic appeal, Ulele also wanted their customers to feel totally comfortable. Different areas of the restaurant were contending with “hot spots”, caused by heat intrusion through glass windows.  Our solar-reducing film installation eliminated the heat problem and the shade of window tint was a perfect match for Ulele’s unique,rustic image. 

Unlike a traditional company, architectural differences with window tinting Tampa‘s new construction…. or installing film on older buildings, our mantra doesn’t change.

If it’s glass, we can film it!

Call for a complimentary evaluation of your building’s glass. One of our film specialists will demonstrate the performance and look of our films on your windows! 

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Commercial Window Tinting Comfort, Energy-efficiency, Protection & Appeal

Solar Control Film: Making An Impact  On The Commercial Sector


Solar Control Film Delivers A Cost-Saving Plan
Filmed windows maintain a consistent balanced interior climate resulting in reduced energy and operating costs. The monthly savings make for a quick return on the initial window tinting investment. 

Solar Control Film Improves Working Environment

Expansive glass architecture allows for natural sunlit environments. Beautiful indeed, but hot spots, glare, heat and fluctuating temperatures can hamper comfort for occupants inside. Our solar control films screen out significant amounts of the heat and glare from entering through the windows, adding comfort to rooms with a soft relaxing hue while maintaining clear, unhampered views looking out.

Keeping employees, guests, and clientele comfortable is essential for any business to thrive.

Solar Control Film Adds Protection
Ultraviolet rays from the sun have damaging and harmful effects on occupants’ skin. UV rays also cause fading on interior contents such as furnishings and equipment. These problems can be avoided with windows filmed with built-in solar protection that rejects up to 99% of UV light.  

Solar Control Film Adds Aesthetic Enhancement
A professional appearance traditionally attracts customers and adds value to the worth of a building. Make the best impression with selecting a film from our extensive selection of solar films offering different tint shades and levels of reflectivity. 

Our window films qualify  as part of a building’s “insulation envelope” and in many cases federal tax credits can be earned.

Call today for a complimentary evaluation and one of our window film specialists will demonstrate how our films will give your windows all of these benefits!

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Window Film Benefits Outweigh Window Replacement

With summer quickly approaching, residential owners are looking at alternatives that will battle discomforting heat in their rooms and rising numbers in their electric bills. 

Many consumers are not aware of the benefits of solar window film.

This lack of knowledge typically results in folks spending a huge amount of money for total window replacement. Fortunately, our customers make the smarter choice. They choose to keep their current windows and add a solar film installation to reap the best solution with less expense. 

Filmed glass vs. clear glass! Film combats glare and heat!

Designed for hot tropical summers, our solar films are delighting our customers with spectacular results:

  • Exceptional solar rejection performance resulting in lower energy costs.
  • Views are maintained with reduced glare that would otherwise stream through clear glass.
  • Increased privacy by day with minimal reflectivity at night.
  • Up to 79% of solar energy rejection  providing greater
    temperature stability for eliminating hot spots.
  • Reduced fading of furnishings and less risk of skin damage with 99% ultraviolet ray protection.

Generally, the cost of window film is about 1/10th the cost of replacing windows. You trade off spending  less money for solar films that are NFRC rated equal to new replacement windows.  AND our films come with a life-time warranty. 

Convinced yet?

Call for a  complimentary visit from one of our specialists and see how our solar film will keep your home cool and energy-efficient this summer!

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Mega International Company Honors Tampa Bay Window Tinting Business

The world’s largest building materials company!

North American Headquarters located in Malvern, PA. 

With a keen eye toward design, aesthetics and peek performance,  Saint-Gobain  continues to be the global leader in sustainable habitat, offering appropriate and effective solutions for reducing gas greenhouse emissions in more than 90 countries. Their portfolio of window films plays an integral part of their distinctive worldwide contribution. 

This past weekend I attended the Saint-Gobain annual dealer network conference in Orlando, Florida. An unforgettable time was spent with a remarkable group of professionals representing St. Gobain’s standard of professionalism and superiority in the window film industry.  A fabulous banquet was scheduled for the last event to close the conference.

It was nowhere on the menu, so when my company was honored with the “Best New East Coast Dealer” award, I was taken by sheer surprise.

The “shorts and tee shirt” were a dead give away that I had NO idea about the award. Nor that I would be standing with such highly regarded men whose dedication and brilliance help to make Saint-Gobain such a monumental success!


The event was soon over but the impact of what unfolded followed me home and confirmed what I have felt ever since I became a Saint-Gobain dealer.

First, my gratitude to Saint-Gobain that my customers are getting the best-in-class technology and innovative film on their windows.  
And second, the support and the comradery that I’ve received makes me feel honored and graciously thankful to be a part of the Saint-Gobain dealer family!