No Fall in Tampa as Heat Continues

Many parts of the country are experiencing cooler days.


In much of Florida autumn with falling leaves is a memory for some and just a pretty picture for others. Either way, the only thing falling for us is sweat!

But that’s a small price to pay to live in paradise, right? Well, yes ….. and no. Our electric bills can hardly be considered small! Seems like the a/c system never shuts off! 

Explains why our installers are busy as ever window tinting Tampa with our solar control window films.


Look at the difference window tinting makes! Partially filmed glass shows that no matter what the view, it can be fully enjoyed without glare, UV rays, and heat streaming through the windows.  And how awesome not to hear the a/c humming all day.

Look at the difference the window tinting makes!

Windows without solar control film allow unfiltered sunlight in that causes discomforting hot spots, annoying glare on monitors, dangerous UV rays that are known to fade furniture and even worse, damage our skin!

Don’t fall for the sun’s heat and harmful rays where you reside. With our solar control film on your windows, sun-related problems will fall away:

  • Improve comfort and maintain cool temperature consistency from one room to another.
  • Give your HVAC a rest & reduce cooling costs by up to 30%.
  • Reduce glare & improve computer and television viewing.
  • Block up to 99% of UV rays to minimize fading of interior furnishings.
  • Reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature aging from UV radiation.


Part of the beauty of autumn is the different colors that the leaves will turn. The beauty of our solar reducing films is the performance you can expect…..and by the way, they come in different tint colors to choose from as well.

Guess you can enjoy a bit of fall in Florida after all!

Free demonstrations always – Great results for a lifetime.

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Clearwater Company Chooses Madico Security Film

Aerosonic Corporation is a prominent aircraft supply company in Clearwater. With massive windows, protecting their sophisticated inventory became an eminent concern.

High Impact Glass Solutions applies Madico Security Film in Clearwater, Florida



As an industry leader, Aerosonic’s job is to focus on research and developing the next generation of high technology aircraft products for global markets.

 Our job was to help protect Aerosonic’s high-tech, irreplaceble inventory  and reduce risk of injury to employees in case of glass breakage.


Two very important goals were met with one very remarkable window film: Madico’s Safety & Security Window Film. With their wide range of tints, styles and grades, all designed to meet  Aeronsonic’s needs, we were able to address both objectives and give their building an aesthetic boost as well.



With Madico’s film on the windows, we began to notice  smiles with audible “ooh’s and aah’s”. Truly awesome, the first step towards securing Aeronsonic with their requested protection was successful. Next, we added more safety with a “Wet Glaze Anchoring Application”.  This procedure is one that we’ve specialized  in window tinting Tampa since 2003. The process strengthens the bond between the glass with the frame to prevent sharp fragments from entering rooms in the event of glass breakage. Specialized in the technique and using a very high-performing sealant, our mission was complete. Aerosonic Corporation was fully protected.



Whether your need is to protect inventory, property, or your family, our safety and security film installations along with our specialized anchoring systems are your best defense.

Estimates and window film demonstrations are free. And by strengthening your windows, you have nothing to lose…literally!

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Got Glare? Get Window Tinting!

Wikipedia defines glare as “difficulty seeing in the presence of bright light such as reflected sunlight….”


We can all agree that wearing sunglasses while looking at TVs and monitors will work to some degree, but really? And besides, glare blazing through windows is only one prong of a much larger problem.  The sun’s discomfort can become disabling and crunch your budget for monthly electric bills.

sun causing glare and heat without window film protection sun-glare

Our solar-reducing window film provides efficient heat rejection at your windows. The powerful benefits resolve all prongs of the problem:

  • Less heat intrusion that gives you exceedingly more comfort.
  • Savings on cooling costs can be up to 30%.
  • Blockage of 99% of UV light to help prevent fading of your furnishings.
  • Privacy without having to pull down the shades.
  • Outside views are visible without discomforting heat.
  • And yes! Glare control to improve visual comfort for screens and monitors.


One of the most priceless benefits of  solar window film  is that in addition to these benefits, the 99% UV ray rejection reduces the risk of skin cancer to your loved ones.

I can’t recall window tinting Tampa homes with so many complaints about glare and heat. Every day our film installations are literally changing lives!

You can see the results of window film technology in comparing one window with film and one without film in one of our recent residential projects.
High Impact Glass Solutions solar film application on one window

Just look at the difference in this condo. The owner flipped when she was able to see views without glare and heat!


Unless you enjoy supporting the electric company or you live in Antarctica, window film will help you feel best, save the most on energy costs, and help you see much better no matter what you’re viewing.

Call us for a free sneak preview of how our solar film will add comfort, energy savings, protection, and LESS GLARE in your residence!

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Solar Control Window Tinting Best Option for Commercial Buildings

Whether you’re a “mom and pop” business or a mega-million dollar corporation, the mission is the same.

“What can we do to reduce expenses and protect our bottom line”?

Window tinting stop money from going out the window

Put in simpler terms, which area can be improved so that we stop throwing hard earned money  out of the the window?

This is a repetitive question so often heard while window tinting Tampa and much of Florida. The question never changes and the solution remains the same.

Our solar-reducing window film installation!

First off, with it’s ability to dramatically reduce heat from coming through windows, window tinting will provide impressive energy savings. Less heat in your building commands less run time from your cooling system.

But there’s more benefits besides saving money with filmed windows. Oh yes, businesses with our solar-reducing window film undergo additional awesome improvements:

  • Less heat makes for improved comfort that employees will be more productive in and customers will enjoy.
  • Reduced UV rays protects everyone’s skin from sun damage and your furnishings from premature fading.
  • Glare that often interrupts looking at monitors, cash registers, etc. is eliminated.
  • Dusty window shades and blinds that blocked views and the beauty of natural light can be removed.

Window tint installation on health food store windows
Window tinting lowered energy costs for this store……imagine what a game changer it provided for these  large commercial buildings.

tower-3-finished with window tinting

Modest or substantial, small business owners and corporate building engineers alike are adding solar control films to help reduce escalating costs from a/c equipment operating at full throttle.

Our films are designed as Dual-Reflective, Ceramic, Silver, and include a Spectrally Select Series. Call now for a complimentary energy audit and a preview of these films on your glass. Experience which one will offer your building the most energy savings, comfort, safety, and aesthetics for years to come!

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Glass Block Continues to be a “Hot” Trend

The glass block phenomena which began in the early 1900’s is more popular than ever. This glass architectural triumph adds stylish appearance along with the benefit of privacy.

Tinting Glass Block on Exterior Stair Wall
It’s easy to see how glass block adds beauty and allows natural light to come in. All while providing just the right amount of blur for privacy.

So what could possibly be wrong with this picture?


A LOT…..

Along with the loveliness of light filling your residence, heat, glare, and UV rays have an open invitation as they too enter through glass block. Heat can be so severe that often glass blocked areas can not be occupied. Glass block in a family room or office results in the inability to see computers monitors and watch television. And UV rays are a major factor for causing skin damage and fading of interior furnishings.

Unfortunately,  the beauty of glass block can be tarnished by such problems.

Glass Block Tinting has been treating these problems with long lasting solutions that work during the hot summer months and bitter cold winters. Our exterior all-season glass block tinting adds amazing functionality so that you can fully enjoy the beauty of your glass block anytime, anywhere: 

  • 83% solar energy rejection
  • lowers energy costs
  • reduces UV rays
  • allows transmission of natural light without heat build-up
  • protects interior furnishings
  • unique non-stick coating improves longevity
  • dirt washes away easily with water
  • eliminates need for blinds, shades, curtains, or covers

Glass Block With and Without

No heat or glare with film application on the right hand glass blocks.

Another awesome glass block job

Tinting on the top three rows of this glass block window illustrates the stark comparison “with and without” film. When the project was completed the area had total energy efficiency without compromising the beauty of the blocks.

This customer was thrilled to remove the curtains that had covered up her beautiful window!

We install glass block tinting locally for home owners and business owners. No amount of glass blocks are too little or too large.

installing glass block tinting on one window finished

Whether one window……..or a wall of glass, call us and we’ll schedule a complimentary demonstration of how the tinting will look and perform.

Reside or have a business out of state? No problem. Our DIY glass block tinting kits can readily be ordered via a phone call or right on our Glass Block Tinting website.

Glass Block Letterhead

Whether professionally applied by us, or done as a DIY project by you, our specialized film will dramatically enhance the performance of your glass block.

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