Floridian Home and Business Owners Share Common Need:

Realistic solutions for additional energy-efficiency to lower utility costs.

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How do I conserve energy, reduce heat and immediately see a reduction on my monthly electric bills?

Is it even possible?

Absolutely possible and with more benefits than you’re even hoping for!

High Impact Glass Solutions is in the business of window film applications that increase the efficiency of your windows and decreases the numbers on your energy bills!


The search is over! Hüper Optik’s Nano-Ceramic Smart Films offer unprecedented solutions with residential lifetime warranties and 15 year commercial warranties.

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  Huper Optik collage from Huper site Huper Optik offers an array of dazzling window films to choose from. Consumers, designers, and architects are persuaded by the value of each films’ performance. Due to its’ many benefits compared to traditional window film, the recognition and  demand for Huper Optik installed on architectural, auto, and marine glass continues to grow around the globe.  


Residential Case Study  Hi-Rise Condo Case Study Commercial Case Study  Unmatched Performance of Nano-Ceramic Technology!  


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Window tinting tampa with Huper Optik’s outstanding films has given my company and installers great opportunities. It literally opens the window for us to bring the most advanced film solutions to homes, businesses and commercial buildings in the Tampa Bay area. High Impact Glass Solutions is honored to be a Huper Optik Certified dealer and look forward to illustrating the many advantages of Huper Optik Film applied to your windows.

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