No More Squaking With Expert Film and Caulking

Windows were meant to allow light in and keep exterior nuisances out. In the real world, windows often fall short of their intended use.

Sure, they let light in and outside views are great, but as all of our customers complain, they also allow heat, glare, and ultraviolet rays to enter. One of our most recent customers added noise and dirt to the list. Yes, dirt!

Our initial evaluation did indeed find that his windows not only needed window tinting for comfort and safety, but there were visibly noticeable problems attributing to his additional complaints.

Tinting his windows reduced heat, uv rays and annoying glare, and with no more need for window coverings, he had unobstructed clear views to the outside world. Huge improvement for sure!

But irregardless of the benefits from filmed windows, the air gaps around his windows frames were allowing inside cool air to escape and warm air to sneak in. Erosion over time took its toll and as you can clearly see, debris and even insect growth was festering around and through.

After scraping away and cleaning the affected areas, we applied Dow Corning Silicone Structural Sealant, and installed new gaskets where needed. 

This is not an isolated case. We find window systems with debilitated conditions like this and worse in many homes and businesses while window tinting Tampa.

Another happy customer makes our day. All  looked great, all felt great, and even the noise from outside was a bit improved.

Windows  often need more than film to attain the best outside appeal and offer the most energy efficient environment inside. We are more than window tinting experts….our expertise includes glass maintenance as well.

If problems are related to glass, there’s no situation that we can’t improve with excellent results!   

Call for your complimentary energy evaluation and free demonstration of how our window tinting will perform on your glass!

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Window Tinting Challenges Don’t Bar Us From Perfect Installations

We were contacted to install window film on the windows of an enclosed garage that housed very high-end automobiles. Due to the immense dollar value of the inventory, security and privacy were highest priorities. Without the ability to open windows or doors, there was also a need for a reduction in heat build up. Off we went with our window film samples to meet with the owners. Another project to look forward to. Nothing different. Right?

WRONG! This installation was going to be VERY different!

Each window was behind old, corroding lead bars that were not removable. I can only compare them to what I’ve seen in prison pictures! Every bar had to be covered with a liner and tape so that none of the rust or corrosion could get on the film. This in itself would be time consuming and tedious, not to mention how we would manage installing the film on windows with stationary bars. With such a high degree of difficulty, most window film installers would sum this up as a total nightmare and walk away…. quickly. 

The project definitely presented challenges and daunting ones at that. But instead of surrender, we were intrigued.

Nothing would “bar” us from a successful installation! 

As you will see in the video we’ve posted, we devised a “peel board” to prep and cut the window film prior to installing each sheet. We then methodically slid the film behind the bars, splicing where needed for an accurate fit. Now back to the peel board for finishing touches. When each panel was ready for the final stage of installation, the glass got another round of water sprays. As with any film installation, the area to be tinted needed a wash and thorough  wipe down, including “the metal bars”. Finally, the film had it’s final slide. Now the finishing touches. Last step….remove the tape and covering from the bars and whisk out more paper towels for yet another wash and cleaning.

Whew! Time to slide the film in again, making sure that each panel was perfect. THEN ….. .we  unwrapped the metal bars, wiped them down, and you got it! Time to start the process over… and over… and over again… until at last, we were looking at a perfectly completed installation.

Due to the nature of the auto-garage, location and pictures were not allowed. However, this video illustrates how the the peel board was a game-saver throughout the very tedious process.

This was certainly one of our toughest challenges window tinting Tampa buildings. But as we do with all challenges incurred, we overcome them!

No one is “barred” from our complimentary evaluation where we demonstrate the performance of our films on your windows. And if you think your glass will be too difficult to film, you’re probably right.

But it’s okay because no matter what, we’ve got you covered.

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Yacht Neighbors Choose Panorama Ceramic Marine Tinting

With the opportunity to install marine window tinting on two gorgeous yachts docked side-by-side, we wanted to make a HUGE splash with double customer satisfaction! 

First up…… My Gal!

Her neighbor was getting jealous that My Gal was going to be more comfortable and have spiffier windows so we naturally said that we would tint both:)

Living up to our reputation as marine window tinting experts AND making sure that these neighbors would be equally satisfied, we recommended Solar Gard Panorama CX 35.

CX 35 makes windows look outrageous inside and out!

Our marine installations window tinting Tampa boats as well as Naples and Fort Lauderdale yachts all have the same result: a superlative performance for ultimate boating pleasure and safety.



Solar Gard Panorama CX window films are constructed with ceramic based technology that eliminates interruption with navigational systems. Free of dye or metal, these marine window films are corrosion-resistant, providing neutral, non-reflective crystal clear views with optimal glare control while keeping out heat and harmful UV rays. 

Both My Gal and her neighbor will soon have a greater degree of comfort and safety. As for looks? 


Call us for a free on-board evaluation and demonstration of how our marine window films can make your next voyage the best ever!

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Wet Glazing Specialists Reduce Risk of Window Breakage

The best solution for improving the envelope of a large commercial building depends on many factors.  But experience and skill carry the most weight for advantageous results.

Though window film in itself can be effective in keeping glass fragments together, under certain extreme conditions, a more intensive step is taken to prevent glass from being separated from its frame. 

This highly effective step or additional process is called “wet glazing“.

We we are wet glazing specialists.

We ensure that the film is vigorously attached to the window frame offering the highest degree of protection against fragmentation of glass from entering a building. Traditionally we use a powerful industrial sealant, such as Dow Corning #995. This adhesive is specifically formulated to exhibit excellent adhesion for silicone structural glazing purposes.

In order for wet glazing to perform at its highest potential, the installation must be done one way.

The right way!


A wet glaze system is often referred to as an “attachment system”. Makes perfect sense  since the bond of strength is attained from attaching the film, window, and frame contiguously. In larger buildings where there are walls of glass, this bond is essential for optimal security and glass safety.

Wet glazing is much like an art and we didn’t perfect  it overnight. But as a painter knows each stroke of his brush, experience has acquainted us with the architectural differences in every window.  With outstanding results, our Wet glazing projects bring us a rewarding sense of pride… along with new challenges. 

Devised a technique for wet glazing perfectly at night! 

And we love both!

Wet glazing on a swing stage!

In every profession there are people who simply show up robotically for work, do what’s expected, and then call it a day. In that same profession, there’ll be one or perhaps a few that arrive bubbling with enthusiasm because their desire is to always learn more, get better at their job, and never accept mediocrity. 

This is how we go about window tinting Tampa and why we morphed into wet glaze attachment system specialists. We love what we do….  and so do our customers!

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Tampa Condo Chooses Favorite Sample Heat Reducing Window Film

At High Impact Glass Solutions, window tinting is more than simply installing window film on your glass. One major part of our goal is to offer films that address your sun-related issues with the best possible results. But equally important is the time we take to demonstrate how our different films will perform on your particular glass. With a lifetime guarantee, we want to be sure that you will love your film for many years to come!

Image result for strategy
The best strategy in the world is only successful if the customer is totally satisfied with the outcome!

That is why our complimentary evaluation is more than a “greet and meet” sales call.


During our complimentary evaluation, we become educated about your window types and the problems that the untreated glass are causing. It also serves as an opportunity for our customers to become educated about window film technology and what expectations they can have for more comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. Last but not least, its a valuable meeting when we preview our various films on their glass and our customers become comfortable with our level of expertise.

Overall, its the first and essential step in developing the right window film strategy as well as the start of a great contractor-customer relationship.

Three business people meeting, men shaking hands

Over the past year we’ve installed heat reduction window film on several owners’ windows residing in a Tampa condominium. Our most recent customer, living in a corner unit with floor to ceiling windows is getting hammered with sun from the east side and the west side. As we do with all our window tinting Tampa customers, a free evaluation was done and yes, the samples went up as part of the decision-making process. 

As shown, any of the films would produce savings by cutting down on the heat transmission and reduce the extreme glare and dangerous UV rays.  We also wanted to illustrate to our customer how the different tint shades would change the views from lighter to darker.

Once the window film was chosen and the installation was complete, we had another elated condo owner enjoying both the benefits of the film AND the open views! With filmed windows, living on the top corner condo became just as comfortable and energy efficient as living on the first floor.

If you’re enduring uncomfortable hot spots, too much glare, and high monthly electric bills, you are basically allowing the sun to win.  

Game Changer!

Call us for YOUR complimentary evaluation and window film demonstration. We’ll show you the winning formula for beating the heat!

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