Boat Window Tinters Vs. Marine Window Tinting Specialists

Applying film on yacht windows commands a higher degree of expertise than most window tinters ever acquire.

High Impact Glass Solutions proffers a special breed of window tinters. Our competence has qualified us as “super stars” dominating the marine window tinting arena.

I’d like to share one of our most recent challenges…..

High Impact Glass Solutions ceramic film installation on yacht

The family that cruised the waterways in this beautiful Viking loved their excursions until the interior heat, glare, and UV rays caused a tidal wave of problems. 

Such problems are very common within the boating community. Yacht owners throughout Florida depend on us to calm the waters with our high performing window tinting solutions.

So why are we contacted over the competition?

High Impact Glass Solutions window film installation on yacht

  • We have installation skills gained from years of hands-on experience.
  • We offer the best performing marine films.
  • We are driven for perfection no matter what it takes to overcome each boat’s challenges.

With our signature film installations on hundreds of yachts, there’s been no boat invented yet that we’re not able to comfortably board and apply the correct film, the correct way, with the correct outcome. 

We’ve mastered the technique to “heat-shrink” film on windshields giving boat owners cooler, safer, crystal clear views without interruption to their sophisticated navigational systems.

These enhanced performances are mega game-changers when piloting a boat in open waters.




Besides our flawless window film installations, we are also known for the caution and care we give to every boat during the project. Booties, tarps….and good common sense is never compromised to risk damage to the boat’s instruments or furnishings. Though its our customer’s boat, when working on board, we treat each boat as thought it was ours.

We welcome a meeting with you on your boat where we offer complimentary film demonstrations. You’ll be amazed how our films can enhance the look of your vessel, greatly increase your comfort and safety, and perform with superior durability to endure harsh coastal environments.  

If you need a cardiac procedure, contact a heart specialist. If you’d like to amplify your boating experience to the next level, call marine window film specialists!

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Another McDonalds’ Windows Tinted “Just Lovin it”!

Looks like we’ve given another McDonalds’ restaurant something to smile about! 

It’s owner, employees and customers are all  “just lovin it”!

As the world’s #1 restaurant serving fast food, the owner wished to upgrade the outside of his
 establishment and the inside environment to first class as well.

Being the #1 company window tinting Tampa and the surrounding cities, we knew we could deliver.

Solar Gard Image from Jeremy without trees High Impact Glass Solutions instaling Panarama window tinting on Tampa commerical building

McDonalds’ is about to become more appetizing with high performance solar control window film.

High Impact Glass Solutions installing ceramic film for energy efficiency in McDonalds restaurant
Sun, heat, and distracting glare poured in prior to the film installation.

Panorama 30 is not a selection on the McDonald’s menu. However, making substantial improvements, it proved to be the best selection from our menu of window films.

Filmed windows rejected up to 79% of solar energy to regulate interior heat build up. This reduction resulted in a much cooler interior without patrons having to pull down shades or blinds. With this heat rejection performance, air conditioners ran less and cooling costs came down. Decreased glare from the sun and a 99% reduction in UV rays were additional side orders that filmed windows included.  

Panorama Slate 30 gave McDonalds’ exterior a sleek and subtle grey look to its windows and glass entrance. As part of the planet’s greatest fast food chain of restaurants, our ceramic film gave it the ultimate appetizing look it deserved.

High Impact Glass Solutions Solar Gard film installation on McDonalds

When making modifications to any building, Solar Gard window film is the proven choice for a fabulous new look, pampering your budget, and improving the environment.

Call for a complimentary demonstration of our film performance “just lovin it” on your glass!

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Tampa Window Tinting Company Flaunts Expertise

We recently installed window film on a home that needed to be cooler and more energy efficient.  This project was a definite confirmation that windows are not created equal.

Check out the metal strips on practically EVERY pane of glass:

12037993_1067361309941605_3217859196050011890_n    1512833_1067361249941611_4039721496707682783_n

Fact is, we’re perfectionists. Where other companies take the fast food approach, we’re considered fine dining where every detail is important.

So… every strip of metal was removed and numbered to match the numbered tape that we put on the windows. 12027757_1067361206608282_4501839809608401376_n









Either to save time, less concerned with a perfect installation, or because they simply lack the knowledge of devising a tape and number system, most other window tinting companies will choose to skip this tedious procedure altogether.


Yes, this project took a bit longer than others we’ve done for window tinting Tampa. But the extra attention was worth it. Our customer’s were thrilled with beautifully filmed windows that provided a cooler, more energy efficient home and equally impressed with the extra time we took to make their windows look 100% perfect!

The complexity of  glass construction commands the expertise of window film installers that have worked successfully on all types of windows. We are often called to remove film from windows because it was not compatible with the glass or simply haphazardly applied.

If you need a company to evaluate exactly which film will best perform on your glass…. and installers that are specialized and dedicated to take the steps necessary for a perfect installation, call us!

Our evaluations are complimentary and include our signature film demonstrations.

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Residential Comfort and Protection With Safety & Security Window Film

We gave this uniquely built home lifetime solutions for its many sun-related problems.

High Impact Glass Solutions install 8 mil window film and wet glaze attachment system on residence with guest house

Built with a contrasting angular design for an ultra customized look, the home and its guest house were extremely impressive. The varying angles with windows facing every direction throughout both residences eliminated escape routes from the sun’s heat and glare. Towering over the pool area and adjacent canal, this gem of a residence was inundated with sun-related problems, rising energy costs, and safety concerns for occupants.

  10405550_957124354298635_3064520505416469059_n 1922439_957124320965305_349134787182004803_n




We evaluated every angle of glass, literally.  An installation with 8 mil  safety & security film with high solar performance was about to bring about HUGE changes. For maxing out the safety factor, we followed up with a wet glaze attachment system.

High Impact Glass Solutions installs 8 mil window film and wet glaze attachment system on residential windows

8 mil Safety and Security Window Film Offers Exceptional Solar Control and  Much More:

  • Total Solar Energy rejection of 57% balanced indoor temperatures for a much cooler environment.
  • Cooler interiors reduced load on a/c systems, lowering monthly energy bills.
  • Eye-strain was minimized with a 50% reduction of glare.
  • 99% of UV ray blockage reduced risks for skin cancer and substantially reduce fading to their wood floors and furniture.
  • Ineffective shades and blinds were removed allowing natural light in… and beautiful views out

8 mil Safety and Security Window Film Keeps People and Premises More Secure

  • Holds glass in place should windows be shattered
  • Film transforms glass windows and glass doors into shields of protection
  • Reduces damage or injury from lethal shards of flying glass
  • Solid and proven deterrent against thieves who rely on quick access by breaking into homes through windows

We are Attachment System Specialists!
When combined with safety and security window film, a Wet Glaze Attachment System, sometimes referred to as an anchoring system, gives filmed windows the highest level of strength. Traditionally, Dow Corning #995 Adhesive Structural Sealant is applied to connect the glass and the film to the window frame. The Wet Glaze Attachment System is what gives safety and security film a rock-solid peak performance.

Make no mistake….because we sure don’t!

An attachment system’s performance is only as good as the contractor who is installing it. Our recognition as “attachment system specialists” was built on years of  honing our skills while window tinting Tampa homes and commercial buildings. Our highly acclaimed reputation has prompted window film companies from all parts of the United States…  as well as overseas, to rely on us to perform attachment systems for their customers.

Our window film installation and Wet Glaze Attachment System brought comfort, safety, and energy efficiency to this family. That’s what we’re all about!

Call for your complimentary evaluation and free demonstration of how our films will perform on your windows!

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Imagine Window Film on Your Boat

We were recently contacted by the owner of  “IMAGINE”. His new 450 Prestige looked awesome inside and out.


Let’s be honest, buying a new boat rivals the purchase of a new car by a long shot. So, amid the exhilaration, who thinks about “what could be wrong with my newest pride and joy”?

High Impact Glass Solutions cools down boat with ceramic window tint

It didn’t take long before the owner of IMAGINE was imagining a much cooler interior and far less glare to contend with… was there something overlooked?

Indeed there was….

With out having window film installed on her glass, IMAGINE and all on board had zero protection from the sun’s adverse effects.


Known as marine window tinting specialists and highly recommended by yacht owners and esteemed marine brokers throughout Florida, we were expertly qualified to eliminate these problems…. and then some.

Because of it’s durability and performance in harsh salt-water environments, we chose to apply Panorama 35 Ceramic film on IMAGINE.  Once finished, the owner and his family never imagined how much more they would enjoy cruising in their new yacht!

As predicted, Panoramic 35 bought a wave of benefits:

  • greatly improved IMAGINE’S interior comfort by rejecting up to 58% of total solar energy blasting through her untreated glass
  • increased her air-conditioning efficiency with much appreciated less fuel consumption
  • low visible reflectivity provided occupants with clear views and reduced the annoying glare that was one of their chief complaints
  • eliminated the potential of interruption with IMAGINE’S navigational systems
  • decreased risk of skin cancer and would help to preserve IMAGINE’S beautiful interior from fading with 99% of UVA and UVB rays blocked
Film on interior cabin’s port side stopped glare and improved the view.


Heat-shrinking ceramic film on the exterior of a boat’s windshield is one of many techniques that we’ve mastered.

Imagine, Panoramic 35 Ceramic window film eliminated the heat discomfort, cut down glare for increased visibility, provided safety against harmful UV radiation, added fuel efficiency with less a/c running AND added aesthetic sophistication to an already fabulous looking boat.

Since we are in high demand for projects out of the local area, window tinting Tampa has extended installations throughout Florida and beyond.

Imagine being our next customer!

Simply call for our free evaluation and complimentary film demonstration on your glass!

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